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Fun Things To Do in Las Vegas with Kids – Part III


1. Island Sushi

I cannot describe how good the food is at this place.  Sushi is fresh, the prices can’t be beat, the poke is all from Poke Express – the best you can find on the mainland, and I don’t know how they do it, but they managed to re-create better malasadas than from Hawaii.  I ate all the special rolls before I could take a picture (I have a bad habit doing that, don’t I?) that we ordered but I managed to take a picture of my friend Leanne and her giant plate of uni sushi.  You’re allowed one order (2 pieces) per person so she ordered slimy sea urchin for everyone on the table and almost single-handedly ate them all.  G tried one and said it tastes like the ocean.  It’s not for everybody, that’s for sure, but if you like it, this is the place to go!

Another thing that is one order per person is the ama-ebi (sweet raw shrimp) so we got a plate full of these, too.  Also, the poke and the hamachikama, which is just unbelievable. 

2. Casa Don Juan

 Best Mexican food on the planet.  It’s in downtown Las Vegas on Main Street, I think?  Not located in the best neighborhood but it’s a small thing to overlook for the best margaritas and chimichangas.  Bill Clinton ate here when he visited so you know, it’s THAT good.  With live music, too!

3. Market Street Cafe – California Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas after 11 pm

The line builds around 10:20 pm for the 11 pm rush when they start serving oxtail soup and banana fritters and other special items on their late-night menu.  I don’t know what else they offer because that’s all we go for.   All. The. Time.

Next time, I promise to take pictures of the malasadas and all the other yummy stuff I find.

Fun Things To Do in Las Vegas with Kids – Part II

 The Silverton Casino Mermaid Aquarium

1. Aquarium Tank with Mermaid – The mermaid wasn’t there that day but I’ve been here before where she came out before.  She swims around this giant cylindrical tank and waves to all the kids.  The kids absolutely love it.   There used to be sharks and rays in here but I didn’t see any this time around.  Not sure if they plan to bring them back, but it was a sight to see.   If you eat in the mermaid bar next to the giant tank, there are giant jellyfish tanks  above the bar that you can watch while you eat.  Wait, that’s a giant tank w/ jellyfish in it, not a tank with giant jellyfish – just wanted to clarify.   

2. Buffet – I only have pictures of the aquarium because I was too busy shopping to take pictures of the giant Bass Pro Shops store and too busy eating at the amazing buffet (and it wasn’t even a seafood one).  But I will say this, their buffet has a fire volcano that spews fire up to the ceiling every so often in the dining room that is way cool.  And the food is really good for the price.  There is a pasta bar where you can pick your own toppings, pick your pasta and sauces and they’ll cook it for you while you wait.  In 2 minutes, you have a hot plate of pasta your way.   I had them make me an Alfredo sauce and they made it from scratch!  Towards the dessert end, they will make crepes for you, and even bananas flambe.  They have prime rib, fish, Chinese food, fresh fruits, and an ice cream bar as well.  Can’t go wrong here, I tell ya.

3. Giant Bass Pro Shops store with fishing pond inside – This place is just fun to walk around in.  I haven’t seen it, but there is supposed to be an archery range and shooting range in here.  I know there is a giant fresh water tank stocked with huge bass and catfish where people actually fish out of.  Not sure if it’s just to sample the equipment or just for presentation purposes, but still, how many stores have you been to where they have that? 

They also sponsor a really fun easter egg hunt each year inside the store with fishing for kids, activities, etc.  And their prices are great, too.  We walked into campsite displays to check out their family-sized tents. 

4. Waterfall- There is giant waterfall in between the store and the casino/aquarium area that is big and beautiful.  You can’t miss it.  It’s pretty spectacular with giant happy koi in the pond below.

Fun Things To Do in Las Vegas with Kids – Part I

Circus Circus

1. You can win one of these giant pillow pets.  It’s exactly like the ones you see on tv, just mutant-sized.  Tutu won it for us by tossing a tiny little red ring over an old fashioned coke bottleneck:

2. You can hit the jackpot (for tickets, that is).  This is what almost 3,000 tickets looks like… still going!

3.  You can watch circus acts for free every hour!  They have trapeze artists, jugglers, dancers, contortionists, these guys (kinda Cirque du Soleil-ish), clowns, and they’re all really good!

There are a ton of carnival games for kids and the grabber games are a little easier to win than at most places.  The arcade is pretty up-to-date and as you noticed, we like the jackpot games.  G is always pretty determined to hit the jackpots of the ones where you drop the quarter to the winning spot.  I forgot to take a picture as we were so involved in playing, sorry.  If nothing else, G’s engineering background is good for getting the timing down for these particular games.  They have the traditional dinky prizes but they also have a really good selection here.  We’ve gotten Sony earbuds here, before, electronics, they have game systems, etc.  Gotta love it!

I should take a picture of all the giant stuffed animals we have in our house won from Circus Circus.  Purple nose is a giant purple teddy bear that Big Mochi won by that pachinko-like game where you have to catch 5 silver balls being dropped and bouncing through these pins that throw it off-course.  I’ll be sure to take a picture next time.  She must’ve been about 4 at the time.  She wins all the jackpots.  She once tossed ONE quarter onto 1 of 6 glass plates to win a giant sized My Melody (one of Hello Kitty’s pals).  Pretty amazing, this kid.  Apparently it runs in the family!


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