Before and After

I’m sure you’ve seen in magazines or on internet articles those before and after home makeover pictures?  I’ve always wanted someone to come in and do that to my house.  All my closets, my cupboards, my bathroom, my bedroom, well, my entire house, actually.  But let’s start small.  One of my cupboards was overflowing.  It got to the point where things would tumble out when we opened it.  And if we wanted to put stuff in, we’d just toss it in and slam the door real quick before it released an avalanche.  Most people would just either a) not let it get to that point or b) organize it.  Me, I let it go on for oh, since about February when my mom was last visiting.  I just kept telling myself I’d get to it a little later, until summer camp started and I had to start packing lunches for the mochis every single day.  It got so frustrating trying to match the lids to corresponding bases, so I decided to figure out if what the experts say is true.  Experts will tell you to put all the lids in one area and nest the bases to conserve space.  They even sell containers to stand the lids up on the side.   We tried that system before, and for some unknown reason, I ended up with 8 lids that don’t have companions.  I would have put each lid on its base and stacked them up that way, but my cupboard space isn’t that big. 

In the end, I decided to put the nested bases on top of the lids for each pile.  The smaller stuff, I kept the lids attached and stacked them up.  The ones we use a lot, they’re up front.  It looks much better than it did before, but it still is difficult to grab the lesser-used items from the back.  If you know of a better system, I’m all ears.  Seriously, leave me a comment.  I need all the help I can get.


Now my house is not entirely this bad, but here’s another pile I tackled on a different day.  It’s like Where’s Waldo, Mochi style.  But sheesh, so unladylike.

 Anyway, I’ll get back to you on how to handle this problem another day.

February 2018
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