Wet inside and out

I got to work at 7:15 today.  That means I left the house at the ungodly hour about 6:45.  Why so early?  I thought you’d never ask.  My answer is threefold:
1) It’s raining very hard.  As I mentioned earlier, Southern Californians can’t drive in the rain.  They think they can, but they cannot.  They don’t realize that wet things get slippery and they should slow the hell down.  The earlier I leave, the less cars on the road and less likely to get hit or stuck in accident traffic.
2) It’s President’s Day so the mochis don’t have daycare or pre-school.  I left them home with my mom who might regret visiting after babysitting today, without having to worry about changing them out of their pajamas, doing their hair, feeding them breakfast, etc.
3) G sneezed at 5:00 am.  We heard, “Bleshoo, Daddy” and she was up from that point on.  and if you know Baby Mochi, once she’s up anytime near dawn, she doesn’t go back to sleep.
We gave her way too much to drink because her diaper had soaked through the 2 layers of pajamas into the sheets.  I found out when I lifted her out of her crib and put my arm under her butt and felt the warmth seeping through my sleeve.  As I put her down, she declares almost proudly, “All wet!”  That’s always nice first thing in the morning.
40) Don’t sneeze between nightfall and dawn.


Last weekend we had 2 friends who gave birth to healthy sets of twins.  One a pair of girls and the other a boy and a girl.  Let’s all take a moment to wish them all the luck in the world since they won’t be getting any sleep for the next 30 months or so.  Congrats, guys! 

Big Mochi’s birthday party is on Saturday.  She’s bringing mini strawberry cupcakes to school tomorrow for her buddies.  Turns out there’s another kid who shares her birthday and he’s probably bringing something for the class, too.  Then she says they were born on the same day in the same year.  They could be twins!  Then she adds, “… but only if they had the same mommy and daddy as me.  Or had black hair like me.  Or was a girl like me.  Or had the same color eyes as me.  Hmm, maybe not twins, then.”  😆

39)  The grass will always be greener until you get there yourself.  Then someone else’s grass will be greener, so just learn to appreciate your own.


You know when you get receipts at stores and restaurants, they sometimes have those surveys that you can fill out within the next 48 hours and you get entered to win a monthly drawing of $1,000?  Well, I ALWAYS fill those out – or call the 800 number if I have to.  One of these days I’m going to be a winner!  So you can send in your self-addressed stamped envelope for a list of winners and it’ll say January 2009 winner: Roni!!!

G used to make fun of me but after doing them pretty religiously and having to listen to me declare, “I’m going to win!” each time, he is half-convinced I really AM going to win.  Ha… persistence actually does pay off.  Who knew?

So for a while, I’ve been keeping a working list of things I’m going to spend my winnings on.  I need to update it frequently  because I list things down that sometimes I need sooner than others, so I get it and have to replace it with something else.  Wanna see my list?  Too bad, I’m posting it anyway:

  1. An Amazon Kindle
  2. Thermolon green pans
  3. Chamois duvet cover from Pottery Barn Kids
  4. New black pumps
  5. For Baby Mochi: Twin blanket
  6. For Big Mochi: Make your own Monster
  7. Annual passes to Knott’s, but maybe not since G’s getting Disneyland passes instead
    38) It’s not a good idea to eat anything with red sauce when you’re wearing light colors, or drink anything dark.  In fact, just don’t wear light colors if you can help it.  😆

Holiday cards

I narrowed my list down from last year and I only ordered 100 and had to cut some people out.  It’s kinda funny… my family has like 50 people on the list, and I send out exactly 4 to G’s family: his mom, his sister, his brother and his grandma.  In my defense, they do Christmas at his grandma’s house so everyone can view the card there.  I should find out where the parties will be in my family in Hawaii and just send one there.  I am late this year in sending them out, but they are on the way and that makes me happy.  One less thing to check off my list!

  1. Deliver Secret Santa gift to my person
  2. Wrap C’s gift
  3. Send out holiday cards
  4. Lunch w/ C and J
  5. Mailing out remainder of boss’s holiday cards
  6. Holiday baking:
    1. Strawberry cupcakes (yes, that would be strawberry-flavored pink cupcakes) with icing and sprinkles for Big Mochi’s class party tomorrow
    2. Mini banana bread loaves for my bosses
    3. Mini pumpkin/chocolate bread loves for my bosses
    4. Mini walnut bread loaves for my bosses – substitute w/ mini Christmas trees from TJs
  7. Pick up mini Christmas trees from TJs
  8. Wrap goodie bags for Big Mochi’s classmates
  9. Write thank you cards to my bosses for their Christmas gift 

 37) It’s not a good idea to put your lip balm next to your glue stick.  EVER.  Trust me.

Did you forget me?

So I’ve been gone a month.  I’m back now.  And one day I’ll get caught up on the 886 pictures and videos that I brought back from Japan and start posting them.  For now, I’ve got bigger things to accomplish!  Baby Mochi’s duck costume, for one!  And carving an amazing pumpkin (again) – IF I can find a decent thing to carve this year.  *sigh*

But just so I have a plan, here’s what you’ll get over time:

  • My Japan trip recap, which I have split into 4 categories:
    • 1) The tour and the sites
    • 2) The daily life
    • 3) The food
    • 4) The return
  • Halloween

In the meantime, I have to make a critical decision to make right now.  I have a kiwi fruit, an apple, and a Reese’s peanut butter cup on my desk.  One needs to tie (tide?) me over for an hour when I go to lunch.  The logical decision would be the fruit, because it is healthy, supplies energy and fiber, and goes bad after a while.  But on the other hand, the Reese’s will give me a boost of sugar and energy and by the time it wears out, I’ll have eaten lunch and gained some nutrients back.  Also, Big Mochi is allergic to peanuts so I’m doing her a huge justice just by getting rid of it.  So there you have it, I’m doing it for the kids!!!!!  😉

 36) Procrastination is a nasty habit.  When you have something to do (like vacation photos to organize or Halloween costumes to make or pumpkins to carve), finish it quickly!  And don’t be a hypocrite!  And practice what you preach! 

I hope you all get the irony of all that…


Love it!

I love my job.  I love it when it gets busy.  My day flies by and it’s the greatest!  I like it when I get stuff, I return it completed in a timely manner and relief shows on the faces of the managers that one more thing has just been crossed off their very long list of things to do before their deadlines.

At home, this doesn’t happen.  I get woken up about 6:00 am to a low constant, “Mommy, mommy, mommy…” that has the potential to escalate into a louder more frantic sounding wail if I don’t hurry.  My day starts and doesn’t stop until my last good night kiss in the evening.  Some days start earlier than others.  Today was one of those days.  The car alarm for my next door neighbor’s teenaged son’s car is set to very sensitive, and since they are the corner house, every time a booming car or bus passes by, his car chirps right outside the mochis’ window.  This morning the street sweeper came by at 5:00, waking up Baby Mochi.  Since it was so early, I did the dishes that I neglected the night before, I took out the trash that G forgot for the first time in the 7 years that we’ve lived in this house, and then I prepared dinner.  Tonight we had tacos so I chopped up the onions, tomatoes and lettuce and browned the beef with the taco mix.  Washed those dishes, too.  Gave the mochis breakfast, dressed them, put up their hair, brushed their teeth and got me put together and we were off.  I dropped them off at school and daycare, went to work, had my busy fun-filled day, and came home to my pre-prepared dinner and was bummed when my morning efforts went unappreciated.  I feel badly for my poor mom who did the same thing for me growing up and we rarely said thanks.  So fishing for a compliment, I asked G if he noticed I took out the trash (I knew he did because he brought the cans back in) and he goes, “Ya, I can’t believe you did it!”  Still no thank you.  *sigh*  Tomorrow is mabo tofu night.  Maybe that’ll go better.

35) Say thank you.  It’s a formality that is probably not practiced enough, but gets noticed by the receiver.  I know this.


  1. If Big Mochi is in a public area, looks around and doesn’t see G or I, she will immediately burst into a very loud wail.  In a public area, Baby Mochi could care less where we are.
  2. You know when kids don’t want to leave somewhere, and when you say, “Bye!” they immediately panic and come running?  Big Mochi does that.  Baby Mochi waves and says, “Bye!” right back at you – then turns and runs in the opposite direction.
  3. When I use my Starbucks gift card to try to enter my work building on off-hours, nothing happens.  When I use my work badge at Starbucks instead of my Starbucks gift card, nothing happens there, either.  I found both of these things out this morning.
  4. While I think those monkey backpack harnesses are degrading to babies (because they are LEASHES), I wouldn’t judge you if you have one on your child.  I understand completely.
  5. I cannot stand Dora the Explorer, yes I find Kai-Lan completely appealing, even though she is named after broccoli.  Baby Mochi looks like Kai-Lan, yet she loves Dora.
  6. Paradise Bakery Cafe (you can find one at the food court in Main Place Mall in Santa Ana) makes THE BEST oatmeal chocolate chip nibblers, and they’re very inexpensive for the quality!  While you’re there, you should check out Popcornopolis and Beard Papas for cream puffs!  Hurry because I bet neither of the latter 2 will last very long there.  The last few times I’ve passed by, no one’s in there. 

34) Learn to use chopsticks, learn how to swim and learn how to grill.  Essentials for survival!

I’ll have a vacation disaster with an asthma attack on the side, please

Today did not go as planned.  And you need to be thankful that I haven’t found my memory card for my camera yet, otherwise you’d be blessed with some very unappetizing photos.

The day started off okay, but quickly progressed to a disaster.  Let me break down our events:

After breakfast, Big Mochi started coughing and had a major asthma attack.  Fortunately, her pediatrician rocks and called in a prescription to Target pharmacy (who are all finally all connected with each other!) and we picked up her inhaler medication.  I wasn’t prepared because she’s been off medication since late January and hasn’t had an attack in a long long time. 

We had big plans to hit M&M’s World and the World of Coca Cola, only to discover they were closed down* to make room for new hotels.

We decided to go to the Mirage to see dolphins and stuff.  The dolphins were outdoors and the mochis weren’t really feeling it with the 100 degree heat (frankly, neither were we with the $40 admission fees).

So we went next door to Treasure Island because they had a killer arcade with carnival games and stuff.  Turns out that killer arcade has been turned into a restaurant and the arcade is now in a closet consisting of about a dozen games.  The ice cream parlor next door was bigger and more happening than that. 

I gave the girls Capri Suns and we headed back to Tutu’s house for naps.  On the way, there were 3 accidents causing some major traffic, and Baby Mochi screamed her head off the entire time.  Well, not the ENTIRE time.  5 minutes near our destination, she coughed and threw up all over herself.  Meanwhile Big Mochi was sipping her Capri Sun looking rather pale and being very quiet.  In my experience, silence = sure sign something is very wrong.

Once we got out of the car, Baby Mochi was cleaned up and was fine.  I think she was sitting at a bad angle an didn’t get to burp so she was feeling icky until it all came out.  Either that or she ate something that didn’t agree with her.  I think this is the first time she threw up in her life.

Big Mochi now was wheezing, but getting better after her asthma medicine.  She was now sprouting a nice high fever and was splayed out on the couch moaning.

Obviously G and I weren’t able to go out.  Baby Mochi slept well all through the night.  We had to monitor Big Mochi and give her breathing treatments every 4 hours, keep and eye on her coughing, and dispense Motrin once more to keep her fever down.  In the middle of the night, she coughed so hard she threw up A LOT all over the new comforter and sheet and blankets.  And herself.  G threw her in the bathtub at 3 am and put her back to bed somewhere else.  I checked on Big Mochi, but not the laundry.  Until this morning when I pulled it out and realized what he had done.  G being G, he tossed everything into the washing machine, chunks and all.  Comforter, sheet, blankets – way too much for 1 load.  Then I guess he tossed it all in the dryer later.  In a nutshell, he had managed to dispurse whatever was stinky evenly throughout the load, and then put it in the dryer to bake it all in!  😳

So yeah, I’ve seen better days.

33) When you have a computer handy, it’s a good idea to make sure where you wanna go is still around, especially if the last time you’ve been there was 10 years ago.

*They weren’t actually closed down; we just didn’t go down the strip far enough.

Packed up and left

When I got home from work today, we did the usual and then instead of heading to bed, we packed up and made the drive to Las Vegas.  I remember when it literally took me hours to pack up for Big Mochi when she was the lone baby.  Packing was a huge ordeal for me back then and we would travel to Vegas to much it was crazy.  The bathtub, the diaper things, all the food and/or formula and bottles, and the million little things like the diaper rash medicine, nail clippers, hair clips, Bunny, etc.  While I miss the size she was (so compact and portable back then), I don’t miss the amount of things I had to pack.  And then with 2, we did it all over again PLUS some.  And now that they’re both bigger and I’m an expert mochi packer, it takes just minutes and we’re off! 

The mochis have everything they need… but I forget things for me, like my hairbrush or underwear or socks. 

32) When going on road trips, always have a stash of non-perishable food and water on hand.  You never know when you’ll hit an unexpected delay.  It once took us 8 1/2 hours to get home.  Normally it would’ve taken us about 3 hours and 15 minutes.  I am thankful that we learned that lesson before we had mochis in tow!  I am reminded of a newscast I saw once where this family was driving a newborn baby home from the hospital and was stuck on the Grapevine (basically, there’s nowhere to stop) for hours and hours and it was so cold and there was no food or bathrooms around!

I see it, I say it

I guess when you’re 2 and learning how to speak, the best way to practice is to speak whenever you can.  Since the vocabulary is limited, the best way to fill the silence is to repeat.  To make it interesting, you can increase the volume until someone acknowledges you.  Or even if they don’t acknowledge you, it’s always fun just to keep naming whatever you see as loud as you can – repeatedly. 

And then when they learn to speak well, it’s a good idea to keep watch to attempt to divert their attention when you see something you KNOW they will comment on.  Once when we were entering the supermarket during the summer, Big Mochi saw a woman up ahead wearing a tight low-cut tank top exposing a very large bosom and she asks Baby Mochi **very loudly** if she was hungry. 

Or that time when we were visiting Baby Mochi in the NICU walking past an elderly woman who was in a wheelchair and Big Mochi declares it’s a lady in a stroller…

31) It’s not entirely true when they say you want your kids to stand, walk and talk – and once they do, you just want them to sit down, keep still and shutup.  Not all the time, anyway.  Kidding!

You go, USPS!

I got my passport in 8 days!  I submitted on Tuesday, got it the following Wednesday.  How’s THAT for service?!? 

G’s been working late the last couple of days which means I have both mochis by myself at night.  It’s interesting… I am able to feed, bathe, clean up and put them both to bed on time and have time to spare when it’s just me.  Why is that?  You’d think it’d be easier with 2 adults, wouldn’t it?  Last night was no different.  I had time to take them both for a stroll so we could enjoy the cool evening air before Baby Mochi’s bedtime.  Then the second she was in her crib, Big Mochi and I busted out a deck of cards to play Concentration, which is like Memory (just keep flipping over 2 cards until you find matches until they’re all gone).  We have to wait until Baby Mochi goes to bed because otherwise she’ll 1) step on all the cards because she likes it when they stick to her feet, or 2) she’ll lie in the middle of the all the cards and pretend she’s making snow angels, but with cards. 

Anyway, I got smoked, as usual.  We play a game and a half.  The 2nd half is played with only half the deck so it doesn’t take too long.  But then Big Mochi was saying things like, “The other Ace was right here last time.”  I’m like wha???  How am I supposed to compete with someone who can remember where the cards were LAST game?!?!  No fair! 

30) Just because it’s still good, it doesn’t mean you have to keep it.

I feel the earth! Move! Under my feet!

Mochi reactions to the previous earthquake:

Baby Mochi was on her high chair at Aunty’s house eating lunch.  The kidlets were reportedly very matter-of-fact about it asking why the ground was shaking, with the exception of one freakout after hearing the house creak – apparently he bolted.  I can just picture Baby Mochi continuing to eat while frowning in annoyance at a baby carrot and some loose grapes that weren’t behaving as they rolled.  

Big Mochi’s class was taking a nap and a few of them popped their heads up, but went right back to sleep after it was over.  The bigger kids at the school had a drill and were instructed to go under tables. 

At home up top our entertainment center, the babushka dolls I had displayed all fell down.  Is that what they’re called?  You know those Russian carved nesting egg-dolls that fit inside each other?  Anyway, they all toppled over and fell behind the tv and stuff.  3 days later, they’re still there.  I’ll get them this weekend.

The other thing was that our medicine cabinet in the bigger bathroom has a 3-part mirrored door and even though nothing fell out, all 3 doors were open.  So even though it was pretty strong and seemed to last forever, thankfully nothing was damaged and no one was hurt.

My co-worker complained that she was at a stoplight and the woman far in front of her had jumped out of her car thinking she had been rear-ended and started screaming at her.  How dumb must SHE have felt when she realized that hey, she isn’t the only one who felt a bump. 

29) If you are sorry about something, SAY SO AND MEAN IT!

“Don’t worry about it.”

The other night towards the end of dinner, Big Mochi jumped off the table and headed to the computer to play some video games (she calls this “work”).  G asked her if she was done eating and she yelled back YES!  So he asked her to come back to the table and finish her milk.  Without breaking stride, she says, “Don’t worry about it.”  I was busy with Baby Mochi but at that, I stopped and looked up at G and we both shared a How old is she, again? glance before he then commanded her to come back and finish her milk.  No arguments or fights ensued, but the 2 of us were whispering in the kitchen as we were clearing the table about how she’s growing up way too fast with comments like that!  It’s amusing, but kinda scary at the same time.

Or like how we were playing concentration last night with a full deck of cards and without me letting her, she smoked me!

28) When you’re not feeling well, a shower and your favorite comfort snack can help.  I like hot tea and a cinnabon, or milk and cookies, or hot chocolate and diamond head graham crackers (or king’s hawaiian sweet bread)… this list of mine can go on and on, but you get the picture.

5.8 in Chino Hills

Let me give you a history of me and where I am when disasters hit.  Let’s start back when I was a freshman in college living in the dorms.  Community bathrooms on each floor, right?  I am the only one in there taking a shower – just got done shampooing my hair when we get a blackout.  Did I mention I was alone?  Naked?  Yeah. 

Fast forward 2 years when I’m now living on the 15th floor in a high-rise apartment in downtown LA.  I’m asleep in my pajamas when the big Northridge earthquake hits.  Remember that one? 

Or how about when my mother-in-law got married in Las Vegas and I was in the bathtub up in my hotel room at the Imperial Palace hotel.  I got soap all over my feet and there is an earthquake and the power blinks and the water lines stop flowing.  Just in case you were wondering… soap starts to burn if you don’t wash it off after a long while.

See the trend?  I can never be fully clothed on the ground.  Always gotta be half-dressed (or naked) up in a high-rise.  Today was no different.  I’m peeing in the restroom up on the 11th floor.  Mid-stream (tmi, sorry) yelling ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

27) You know what they say about always wearing clean underwear because you never know what might happen?  Never let yourself get in a situation where you don’t have clean underwear to wear.

It’s all about who you know

Big Mochi has been at her new pre-school for a week and a half.  She comes home happy each day telling me what she did and what she ate for lunch and who she played with.  For the first few days, she kept referring to her friends as “this girl” or “this boy.”  When I asked her if she knew their names, she said no.  I explained that since this school is the one she’ll be going to for the next few years, she should get to know their names.

So yesterday I asked her who she knew and she told me the names of 3 people at school: her teacher, a classmate, and Mark, who is the guy who brings the kids their hot lunches each day! 

26)  Network.  I can’t say for sure, but I imagine that the most successful people are the ones who are skilled at networking.  The more resources you have on your side, the better!


This morning I was hungry so I stopped in at the McDonald’s drive thru to pick up a #2 without egg and orange juice.  That’s a sausage mcmuffin and hash browns.  I pay at the pay window and go to the last window to pick up my food.  I ask for 1 ketchup, and the girl hands me a handful of about 8 ketchup packs.  I take one and return the other 7 because I only have ONE hash brown.  And even if I used some for my sandwich, are there people out there who use 8 packets of ketchup for breakfast?  Yuck!

25) Smile at babies.  It’s good for them to know that the world is full of happy people.  They’ll encounter enough grief as they grow up so why not give them a good first impression of it?


Alas, the search was in vain.  No bugs to be found today.  So she jumped up and ran full speed to the car.

24) If you use up the last of it, replace it!  This goes for toilet paper, paper towels, when you empty the trash, and especially paper for copiers/printers/faxes!  And if the copier takes 3 full reams, put in 3 full reams for the next guy!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today is my mom’s birthday so we took her out to dinner at our local East Side Mario’s, which is an EXCELLENT italian restaurant out on Candlewood in Lakewood.  Always amazing food there.  Their parmigiana of any kind (chicken, veal, eggplant) is to die for, and there is enough for a full lunch the next day, too.  Big Mochi always fills up on their garlic bread, caesar salads and appetizers so by the time her spaghetti meal comes, she’ll take a couple of bites and  Baby Mochi will polish off the rest happily.  We’re talking HAPPY with huge grins every 10 seconds as she put her noodles on her fork with one hand and then ate it off her fork like a big girl.  Sooooooooo cute!!!

After putting the mochis to bed, I took my 11-year old nephew out walking to the video kiosk at our local Pavilions.  About halfway there, I realized I didn’t have my debit card.  I figured maybe we could go to Blockbuster and pay cash instead, but was politely informed that I’d need a credit card for that, too.  So instead, we walked all the way back home, jumped in the car, and drove back.  Hahahaha.  So sad.

Jumpers got bad reviews, but in my opinion… great movie!!!

23) It’s okay to have your own opinion.   Just don’t make the other guy feel like an idiot for not agreeing with your point of view.  Who’s to say you’re right?

It all starts with the pinata

I’ve got a month to plan Baby Mochi’s 2nd birthday party.  Dora the Explorer is her favorite, so the theme has been chosen (much to my dismay).  I haven’t started anything yet, but I know there will be a pinata.  I was trying to have the party at our local park, but the pavilion has already been reserved, so I’m bummed.  I may have to change the date to a Sunday instead of a Saturday.  Then again, if the heat keeps up, I’m not sure we even want to have it outdoors! 

Anyway, back to the pinata.  Did you know that pinatas now come in non-violent forms?  Yeah, instead of beating it with a stick, there are these hanging strings that the kids take turns pulling, and one of the strings releases the hatch.  I don’t really understand the theory, because I don’t think a bunch of criminals were influenced by pinata-beating as a kid…  Personally, seems as though string-pulling makes it kinda anti-climactic, no?  My friend suggested we tuck all the strings in and have the kids beat it anyway.  *sigh* I guess we’ll just have to see.  2-year olds aren’t that strong so it might take a while to bust it.

22) Use sunscreen, always buckle your seatbelts and don’t jaywalk.  These are some of the simplest forms of less-than-30-second safety precautions that could save your life. 

How’s this for changing times?

Me:  Do you know how to play bocce ball?

Mom:  Where is the game?  Send the site.

Me: It’s not an online game!  You go outside and play with balls on the lawn!

Mom: Oh.  Then no.

My mom will be 63 in less than 2 weeks.  She emails me several times a week while babysitting my nephews (ages 12 and soon to be 1).  She chats with me on Yahoo IM a few days a week here and there and has finally upgraded her cell phone to something that doesn’t resemble a walkie talkie.  She keeps up with technology pretty well and can play Spider solitaire and those free computer games like Jewel Quest, etc.  Even old people don’t go outside and play anymore!  The same complaint about being stuck indoors in front of games on a screen isn’t generational after all…

21) Be nice to old people.  You will be in their shoes one day.  And without them, you wouldn’t be who you are.

Where there is a jumper, you will find a Mochi

It was another beautiful day so we headed out to another beach!  There was a street fair going on at Huntington so we headed down there since that’s Papa Tom’s (godfather) hood.  Sadly, I didn’t even pay attention to what the street fair was celebrating, but it didn’t matter.  Was a great day to stroll and have a nice dinner overlooking the beach.  Big Mochi apparently got over her fear of big slides and had a blast (see pic).  She also spent her designated 4 minutes in a jumper non-stop until she was dripping with sweat, huge grin never leaving her face.  It was no wonder both girls sat in complete silence with concentration eating their gourmet cheese and macaroni dinner.  Another perfect day ending a perfect weekend with my perfect family.

Happy Father’s Day, G!!! 

20) When you find that person who you don’t get tired of, who makes you laugh, who challenges you without being mean about it, but most importantly, respects you, marry it!

Cheese… fish… rainbow… by George, I’ve got it!

After the perfect breakfast at Mimi’s, Lisa flew back to Boston.  The mochis went to their last tumbling/gymnastics class until the next one starts at August.  We were asked to bring snacks/cookies for the kids so I grabbed those little cheddar-flavored Pepperidge Farm goldfish that all kids love.  I got the rainbow ones and the new mini ones and threw them in cupcake cups.  Did anyone ever think about how that came about?  I mean, if you think about it, how do you mix crackers with fish and cheese, and then make them red, green, orange, etc?  Does no one find that odd except me?!

19) When you can’t make up your mind, choose the seasonal desserts.  The other stuff will be there next time.

Let the eating begin!!!

Today is my last day of work before my mini 3-day vacation.  I picked up Lisa for lunch and tried to finish up early while I dealt with the epitome of idiocy.  Now, I am a calm person with a high tolerance for most anything.  Yet, this guy makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out.  With an unsharpened pencil.  Anyway, I got through my day and we met up with the family for none other than TOFU HOUSE (the one in Cerritos behind Sam Woo)!!!!!!!!  Best Korean barbecue ever and the best part is they make their own tofu there so it even tastes fresh.  As usual, I spent the first half of dinner picking the bones out of the tiny fried fish they bring as an appetizer because that’s what Baby Mochi eats there.  That and all the rice.  But seriously, they have the best kalbi, bulgogi, barbecue chicken, etc.  And I forgive them for giving up their soft serve machine because they replaced it with a freezer full of mocha almond fudge ice cream!

18) Never buy clothes that you will wear once you lose those next 4 pounds.  Lose the weight and then buy it.

It’s like getting kicked when you’re down, but funnier

When you’re in a rush, do you ever notice how everything in the universe seems to join forces and slow you down?  Yeah, that was today.  5:00 came and I walked across the street to my car in the parking structure in the corner of the basement and looked in my window.  There on my front seat sat my keys.  Staring up at me.  Laughing.  So I called G and told him to please come rescue me.  He had to rush home to get my spare key, change Baby Mochi’s stinky diaper, and I asked him to grab some snacks because it was dinnertime and he had a long way to drive.

I came back to my desk and finished up some work when G calls to say he was exiting the freeway.  Annoyed G.  Angry G.  Irritated G.  I was making my way out of the lobby when I see his car parked.  The back window rolls down and my mochis are yelling at me MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY!  So I smile and walk faster and she continues DADDY FORGOT YOUR KEYS!  I giggle and take a glance at G.  He is not smiling. 

So he decides he doesn’t want to go back home and he wants to see if HE can break into my car.  Hahahaha.  Security comes driving by and I ask if they can open my door.  They say no, but they can call a tow truck and that guy can for a fee.  So G says yeah, call the towtruck.  Long story short and $40 poorer, we get on the freeway at 7:00, Baby Mochi’s bedtime.  She’s asleep before I enter the carpool lane and hasn’t bathed or eaten yet.  AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

We make it through a night with only a minor meltdown and then I went to go pick up Lisa  who arrived from Boston.  Vacation, here I come!!!

17) Comfortable cute shoes DO exist.  You won’t come across them often, so when you find them, stock up!

Beaches, Long and Seal

The weather was absolutely perfect today.  No clouds in the sky, light breeze, one of those days impossible to remain indoors.

We took a drive to Long Beach and wandered around that little plaza that has a Wahoo’s with the perfect outdoor patio, a Bevmo and a little cake store that makes really amazing mini bundt cakes.  Went home for naps, took Big Mochi to tumbling (Baby Mochi slept through her gymnastics class), and then headed back out to walk around Seal Beach to eat Cold Stone.  We were going to pick one of those restaurants out that way, but decided to pick up at Sam Woo instead for their Chow Mein.  Best day ever!!!! 

16) Try as many things as you can.  You’ll never know what you like or don’t like until you do. 


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