Disturbing things

mor·ti·fy (môr’t?-f?’) To experience shame, humiliation, or wounded pride; humiliate.

We had friends over last night for dinner.  The conversation was rolling, the food was delicious, the kids were behaving, things were going well.  Then about halfway through, Baby Mochi runs to the bathroom.  I take the opportunity to announce that she’s finally potty trained.  Then she comes streaking without pants or underwear and is holding a little brown ball up and says, “Mommy look! Only one!”

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just about died. 

I cleaned her up, and then took a second to contemplate not coming out of the bathroom for the rest of the evening but decided someone might have sent a search party after me and discovered my mortified body curled up in a ball rocking in the shower stall and that wouldn’t have been good. Let’s save this one for when she grows up and brings a boy home!

Roni Buys New Sneakers

I saw this on the headlines last week: Adam Sandler Breaks Ankle.  The article stated that he was playing basketball with some buds, broke his ankle, and that he’s fine now.  Production on his new film will not stop.  I’m sorry, but how is that news?!  Like today’s header?  I went to DSW and bought a new pair of Rykas with a 30% off coupon that my friend gave me.  I was with Big Mochi while G and Baby Mochi slept in the car.  Since Big Mochi was so good in the shoestore, I let her ride the little 75¢ horse ride outside.  Is that news?  NO, but I don’t go around publishing it as news!!!!!!!

On a completely different subject that is also not important to anyone, I was stuck in morning traffic and happened to glance over at the guy in the big rig next to me as he ate his breakfast.  He took a bite out of the whole bagel in his hand, then took a bite out of the block of cream cheese he had peeled like a banana in his other hand.  Umm, yeah.  I was thinking about leaving that visual with you and ending this post here, but instead, I’ll leave you with another one of Big Mochi’s magnificent masterpieces.  This one is a picture of 3 girls hanging on to balloons, who have managed to float up high into the sky, clearly denoted by the blue background on the top and bottom of the sheet. 


Sliced bread, dead people, etc.

There are a million inventions that have made people rich and famous.  It all starts with an idea.  I often wonder how they came up with that stuff.  Were they actually having trouble doing something and thought, “There’s GOT to be an easier way!”  Or did they just wake up at 2 am and wonder what it would be like if… how do they do it?  Wouldn’t it be cool to be that guy one day?  

Then there are things out there that make you wonder.  For example, I’d like to follow the train of thought that hit that guy to think: 💡 Hey, it would be pretty cool to turn Dad into an earring.  You will now be hearing, “No, it didn’t belong to your grandma, that is your grandma.”  Or spending Thanksgiving dinner at your parents’ house and you wonder where the family dog is, and Mom says, “Oh, Scruffy?  Why, he’s right here!” as she points to a nice sparkly pendant around her neck.  And for an extra $3/letter, you can laser engrave a message ON to dear old dad.  Talk about taking tattoos to a whole new level.  😐 I get sentiment and all that, but personally, this is just a teensy bit morbid to me.  I’ll just leave behind some pictures, recipes and some cash to my mochis, thanks.


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