Disney World Resort Recap Day 1 – Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the largest of the theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.  The park is built around The Tree of Life, a massive 14-story artificial tree sculpted with animals 360 degrees around the trunk and branches.  It’s split into 7 themed areas that are all incredible.  There is so much to see and so much going on all day, it’s difficult to visit the entire park in one day.  As with most things Disney, they take everything little detail into consideration to captivate the audience and keep everyone safe – not an easy thing to do when your target audience consists of little people who have commercial break attention spans.  Aside from all the animals you see everywhere in large simulated habitats, there is also a safari-type trek where the animals are in spacious grassy and drylands.  There is a DinoLand with roller coasters and rides, games and food that you’d find at a carnival.  There are air-conditioned museum displays, petting zoos, train rides, musicals and elaborately done stage performances and plays that were absolutely amazing.  The Disney characters were in a designated area taking pictures with everyone and a Lion King parade that didn’t disappoint.  There is a passport book that kids can pick up and participate in brief educational activities to earn stamps in their books.  The staff are all very friendly and helpful and other than being tired from taking the red-eye flight in, we had nothing to complain about.  Since they are animals that need rest, the park closes fairly early in the evening, which was just fine with us and our tired feet.

Even though our spring break was short, we made it a point to go back a 2nd day to finish up what we weren’t able to see on the first day.  It was well worth it that day, too.  It was hot so we took our time, kept the mochis watered and fed, and enjoyed ourselves at Disney World immensely.  It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s a really good idea to either go to the website, airport or hotel information center and pick up the brochure for each park you plan to visit.  That way you can plan your day and hop from land to land taking in all the available shows and exhibits.  For instance, we planned the safari and train rides where you sit for longer periods of time in the afternoons when the mochis were more likely to be tired of walking.  During the mid-day blazing sun hours, we trekked to the air conditioned exhibits.  And at the end of the day when Baby Mochi could nap, we went to see the musical shows that she would probably be a little bored sitting through.  She ended up sleeping through the Lion King show and tht’s when I took Big Mochi to DinoLand where the roller coasters and rides for kids who meet the height and crazy bravery requirement.  We strategically avoided a melt-down when Baby Mochi woke up whiny and tired by excitedly announcing that it was time to see Minnie Mouse, as Baby Mochi is Minnie’s ultimate fan.   So do it the Disney way: Plan ahead and take every little detail into consideration when you can.

Some battles with a 5-year old are just not worth fighting

  • Hello, what’s this?
  • That?
  • Yes, that.
  • Oh, it’s a sticky hand on the wall.
  • Yes, I can see that it’s a sticky hand on the wall of the hallway.  What is it doing there?
  • Hanging.  Not falling.  Like this [poses].
  • Okay, I don’t think you’re understanding me.  Why is it hanging, not falling, like this (I model her pose), on the wall of the hallway?
  • I was swinging it and it flied up there and got stuck.
  • It flew.  And right.  Can you please take it down and put it away?
  • No.
  • No?
  • No, I think he likes it there.  Just like that.  Right there.  [walks away]


Then there was this morning:

  • Can you make pancakes?
  • No, not enough time today, sorry. 
  • Don’t put hummus on it, that’s gross.
  • Well, I’m not making it anyway, so we don’t have to be gross. 
  • Wait, will it be gross?  It might be good.
  • It might be good, but I’m gonna take a wild stab and say it’ll be a little gross.  Pancakes and hummus, yeah kinda gross.
  • Not if we put syrup on it, too.
  • Oh?
  • And butter, you always put butter on pancakes before the syrup.  …and hummus.
  • [Trying to change the subject] How about a pop tart? 
  • Can I put hummus on that?  But no butter, cuz butter on pop tarts are gross.
  • Daddy puts butter on his pop tarts. 
  • Daddy’s gross.
  • [ding!] Your pop tart is done. 
  • Where’s the hummus?
  • Will you please lay off the hummus?  Enough with the hummus.
  • Oh, because you don’t eat hummus in the morning?
  • *sigh*  Here are some pretzel chips.  Here’s your hummus.  Eat that.  But not with your pop tart.  I couldn’t bear it. 
  • Bear.” [she giggles]  8-| rolling eyes


I made tuna salad to put in sandwiches the other day to pack the mochis’ lunches.  Baby Mochi comes in and refuses her tuna sandwich and declares she’ll be making her own lunch.  I watch as she puts a slice of cheese in between the two slices of bread.  I ask her if she’s going to take off the wrapper the cheese yet and she says, “Not yet.”  Packs it up and zips up her lunchbox. 

I often wonder what goes on in that little head of hers.  I think we all do.  Sadly, it appears this will remain one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

Check Out my Minnie Mouse Cake Pop Stand!

Come on, just say it.  Pretty impressive, right??  Hold on while I pat myself on the back.  Once in a while that image in your head actually does turn out the way you planned!  Paint some foam, glue gun some ribbon around the edges, and voila!  It’s a Minnie Mouse cake pop stand!  I’m not completely done yet.  I still have to get a longer dowel to raise the head, maybe put some flowers inside the ring for the display, and I need to paint the polka dots but the red part is still wet.  I just finished painting it about 10 minutes ago.  I guess this means I definitely have to make the cake pops after all.  Let’s just hope my experience, however lacking it may be, proves to be useful and I’m better prepared this next time around.  I might have to reconstruct more holes into the base so I can make room for more pops.

I’m all about simple so what you see is basically exactly what you imagined I did.  I painted a 5 1/2 inch Styrofoam ball with acrylic black paint and let it dry.  It doesn’t matter if the ball is white or green; once it’s painted, you can’t tell.  I wrapped some scotch tape around it to create a straight line and painted the other half red.  I painted 2 3 inch foam balls black, let them dry, stuck bamboo toothpicks through them and to connect it to the head and reinforced the connection with a glue gun.  I use bamboo toothpicks here because they’re way stronger than regular toothpicks and they sort of grip the foam since they’re not too slippery as plastic ones might be. I glue gunned the ribbon around and inside the painted ring and center piece, and constructed a bow to put in front of the ears.  I’ll have to buy white paint so I can paint the polka dots, or perhaps I can just glue some white dots on instead.  It’ll save me a trip to the store.  

I have a 2nd “head” drying without the bow and I’m thinking about painting 2 big yellow buttons on the “pants” to create a Mickey.  Or maybe I can find 2 yellow buttons and glue them on.  Any thoughts or ideas?

The Ultimate Recruiting Technique

I remember learning in elementary school that farmers long ago would routinely seek wives who came from hardy backgrounds.  They wanted someone who wasn’t frail and dainty, but came from large families, ensuring a strong breeding bloodline.  That way they would have lots of boys to help with the plantation and the animals, and lots of girls to help cook and clean and harvest.  It was a matter of survival to have lots of children to keep the land flourishing. 

I only have 2 mochis, but these are my versions of auto-recruits.  They aren’t there to sustain our food supply, but instead, are routinely enlisted for their craftiness.  Big Mochi was summoned to the kitchen table this past Saturday afternoon.  I threw her a big old shirt to double as an apron.  I had her put gloves on and put her to work with acrylic paint and a large brush because who knew Styrofoam* balls didn’t come in black?  Not only that, but there is a technique to painting them because I learned that spray paint can cause them to melt!  Thank goodness for Bing, where a search for “how to paint foam balls” pulls up a nice variety of tips and techniques for the unlearned crafter like me.  While she got to work, Baby Mochi was helping me make the cake for our cake pop attempt.  Neither of them asked what I was doing.  They both inherently know that if I’m doing something that will result in the mass-production of cute, they will be assisting.  I’ve got more foam drying right now so hopefully I’ll be able to post my centerpiece within the next couple of days.  I have an image in my head of how it’s supposed to turn out, but bringing it out of my head doesn’t always turn out the way I want it to… not unlike some of the pictures I turn out when I play Draw Something (the best app ever) on Big Mochi’s Kindle Fire.  But I digress…

I’m just glad I picked G, someone who isn’t frail and dainty but comes from a large family ensuring  a strong crafty background.

*Another thing I just learned: Styrofoam is trademarked and should be capitalized.  Who knew?

Is it worth the pain?

Cake pops: noun a cake and frosting blended filling formed into a ball, plopped on a stick, and dipped in chocolate, sometimes decorated with sprinkles or made into cute animals forms by crazy people blessed with extraordinary patience.  

Like most things cute and delicious, you never realize just how much work is entailed until you take it on yourself.  First attempt: epic fail.  Maybe 2 out of 20 actually came out with both ears still intact.  The rest had either fallen off the stick while being dipped or lost an ear (yup, just one – still can’t figure out why that is).  I was so disappointed, but had a lot of moral support on hand so late that same night, I attempted a second batch.  This time I altered the design and it turned out to be a huge benefit.  While that worked out better, I wouldn’t say it was easier the 2nd time around.  I still lost 4 out of 16 and it was just as frustrating, but for different reasons.  Thinning the chocolate made it lighter so the weight didn’t pull it off the stick, but it also made it drippier (is that a word?).  And since I dipped the red bottom half first, I had to hang it upside down to lose the excess chocolate on top, which risked it falling off the stick that way.  Anyway, long story short, I finished, wrapped them up and went to bed exhausted and resigned.  I had tried, succeeded at a few, but in the end, I decided it wasn’t worth it.  I settled on an old fashioned (simple) cupcake design… until I woke up to the uninhibited sounds of glee coming from the baby mochi who found the stash of completed Minnie and Mickey Mouse cake pops.  She was very excited at how they turned out and giggled and oohed and aahed at each of them all by herself in the early morning of a sleeping household.  *sigh*  Now I am reconsidering.

Almost too cute to eat, definitely too sweet to enjoy, absolutely worth the admiration of a particular little mochi.  I’m slowly convincing myself to torture myself with the third and final attempt of these horrid things. 

When I’m done, I’ll post the recipe with the things I’ve learned in case you ever wake up one morning and think, “Hmm, how shall I frustrate myself today?”  I swear, the things we do for love.  I’ve gotta say, though, I think if my centerpiece/cake pop display turns out as well as I imagine it in my head, at least that will be worthwhile.

P.S.  If anyone finds all white confetti sprinkles (the flat round ones that would be ideal for polka dots, let me know.  The only ones I can find are in a pastel mix and I’d have to pick them out one at a time.  Thanks!


Sometimes it just feels right

It was a particularly exhausting day, putting out multiple tedious fires at work, then getting the call that G would have to work overtime so I was running solo with the mochis that night, burdened with having to manage the preparations for the upcoming weekend after the kids are fed, bathed and put to bed… it was one of those Friday evenings when the repeated request for macaroni and cheese was granted on condition that the canned green beans will be served and eaten without complaint.  Then, while reaching for the butter and milk in the fridge, I noticed the a stunning chilled bottle of wine at the bottom.  When bringing up the memory, I am positive the bottle actually had a gravitational pull to my reaching hand.  It was the best compliment to my simple meal and I sat there eating with the mochis, so happy to have gotten their way when the original the plans had been vastly more complicated and different.  Then the rest of the night went by so smoothly, I went to bed that night worried that things were a little too perfect and was waiting for the ball to drop.

Sometimes the simplest things just work out, don’t they?  

Then again, sometimes they don’t.  Take this weekend, for instance.  I spent a huge portion of it gathering supplies for Baby Mochi’s upcoming birthday.  Part of it worked out just fine.  The other part, my very first attempt at the ridiculous, didn’t turn out at all.  I am making a 2nd attempt as we speak, but my confidence and tolerance for the ridiculous is wearing mighty thin at this late hour.  I wish I could post the images of my completed failures, but at the time, I didn’t think to take pictures.  *sigh*  I doubt Baby Mochi cares if she even has favors or a centerpiece as long as her little buddies are there to play with on her special day, but what can I say?  I like the pictures of the rare successes when they do come about.  And now that the hype is all built up and it’s not much to look at even when it turns out, I’m asking myself why on why do I do this to myself.  That dinner seems pretty appealing again right about now, but this time without the bowl of mac and cheese.

Part III – Packing for your theme park activity

G carried the backpack with everything in it.  We had packed cameras, spare batteries and memory cards, phones, room keys, tickets, and jackets.  We were wearing our sunscreen and hats.  Big Mochi carried a small backpack with a couple of capri suns, their gameboys, and any assortment of the following: fruit rollups, fruit snacks, crackers, fruit cups, applesauce, bananas, apples, grapes, chex mix or granola bars. These are all great snacks that can be eaten at room temperature and don’t melt.  It also offers a sense of independence and lightens G’s load a bit.  If she insisted on buying a souvenir or gift early in the day, she was also responsible for lugging it around instead of picking it up on our way out.  We packed our homemade lunches when we could.  That let us avoid high prices and long lines during the lunch rush.  I’ve heard of people half-freezing their water bottles so it would stay cool for extended periods of time.  I preferred to just bring reusable bottles to fill up at water fountains and I’ve never been turned down when asking for free ice at any place that serves drinks.  We did have a couple of dasani water bottles on hand just in case no fountains were available nearby.  That saved us from spending outrageous prices for bottled water at kiosks or carts. 

For the most part, wherever you go, always pack the basics: drinks, snacks, meals if possible, and be smart about it.  If  you pack chocolate bars, it’s bound to get smooshed in your bag or melt… not to mention the 2:00 meltdown if there was no place to nap.  Cameras, phones and extra batteries and memory.  Just allow time to think about how the day might go.  Think about the weather and your meals.  The key is to plan ahead.  A lot of the times it’s easier said than done, but if you can implement just a few things that will save some money and time, it will be well worth it!  One less thing to worry about means more time spent enjoying the moment.  And that, my friend, is priceless.

What to pack on a family vacation – Part II: Packing for your Hotel/Resort

Survived the plane trip?  Great!  Now depending on how long you’ll be staying at your destination and what amenities the hotel room has, you can plan ahead and save a lot of money with packing some food and snacks of your own and taking the time to pack wisely.  Here are a list of things that we did for our week-long stay in Florida.  Of course, this isn’t going to work for everyone but hopefully you can find a way to adapt the concepts to your diet.

  • We packed a little rice cooker and a mini griddle and made spam musubis* a couple of mornings so we didn’t have to spend outrageous theme park prices for the same 3 meals: chicken nuggets, hamburger or mac & cheese.  Plus, they’re very easy to make, portable, don’t crumble or make a mess, and can be eaten while in long ride lines.
  • Made a stop to the nearest supermarket for the following: bottled watter, milk, box of cereal, apple juice, grapes, apples, bananas, applesauce, canned mini ravioli for easy-to-prepare meals to eat before and after each activity.  Fruits are healthy and don’t need to be refrigerated.
  • Since Japanese rice isn’t found everywhere, we brought pre-measured bags with us.  And nori.  And our very handy acrylic musubi maker and a little saran wrap.
  • We packed clothes that will be thrown out or donated at the end of the trip.  It leaves space in your luggage for souvenirs and gifts.  T-shirts that are hardly used were brought for pajamas, worn out socks and underwear, shoes, were discarded on the last day.
  • We brought a ton of ziplocs of all sizes to pack all liquids so they don’t spill in your suitcase, for wet bathing suits, snacks.  They come in very handy.
  • Once again, I cannot stress the importance of chargers and ac adaptors and batteries.  And don’t forget to stock up on an extra memory chip for your cameras and video cameras! 

*Spam musubis are basically like giant spam sushis. Slices of fried spam on a bed of rice wrapped with a roasted seaweed wrapper.  Best portable meals in existence.

Up next: Part III – Packing for your theme park activity

What to pack on a family vacation – Part I


noun: a group of things wrapped or tied together for easy handling or carrying; a bundle, especially one to be carried on the back of an animal or a person
verb: to pack goods in compact form, as for transportation or storage (often followed by up)
Let’s break this down in segments, shall we?  We’ll make this a 3-part blog.  This is Part I, Transport Packing: Preparing for the airplane ride with young kids (Little Mochi is 5, Big Mochi is 8).  Both get bored easily (and with each other).  Like most parents, we fear being That Family.  You know the ones; the disheveled mom, the resigned dad, and the bouncing kids who look like they are too excited to endure the 5+ hour plane ride without being disruptive.  So we started off with lengthy discussions and opted to try for the red-eye.  Mochis are great sleepers, so I knew we’d be okay once they went down.  Mochis are not always great wakers, so we took precautions.
  • Snacks – low sugar snacks lessen the sugar-high and prevents the slump that can lead to meltdowns.  Also try to find stuff that isn’t crumble, packed in quiet wrappers and doesn’t have strong smells.  Remember that you will be confined with many people very close by.
  • Drinks – well, money for water, since you can’t bring fluids into the airport.  Or powder packets to add to the water, preferably sugar-free for the same reasons.  Remember your potty breaks before you board; it can be a while before that fasten seat belt light dings off.
  • Any type of entertainment that will keep your mochis occupied for 15-20 minutes, lots of them: Electronic devices are always good.  Just remember to have them fully charged and headphones prevent others from hearing the music, blips and beeps of games, books, word searches, mad libs, coloring books, activity books, cards, games with few pieces that don’t roll.  I like crayons that are triangular-shaped so they don’t roll (BJ’s Restaurant gives them away free with their kids’ menus).
  • Comfy familiar clothes.  It’s always more comforting to have something familiar when you’re away from home.  Jackets keep you warm and can double as a pillow or blanket if necessary.
  • “Friends” – Big Mochi opted for a medium-sized Tuxedo Sam, who doubled as a pillow and Baby Mochi brought her blankie and her favorite plush elephant.
  • Surprises – Favorite snacks that they haven’t had in a while, or a little new toy that you can bust out when they are antsy, start to annoy each other, or as a reward for continuing to be so charming because let’s face it, they’re making YOU look good.
  • A camera.  Take this sucker everywhere and document everything – just try not to annoy everyone with all that flashing.  It’s always fun to let them see the playbacks, too.  Don’t forget the spare batteries and chargers!
  • I always carry things in my purse like a deflated balloon.  If there’s an open area where you won’t disturb anyone (empty terminal while you wait to board), blow one up and your kids can run around chasing it.  I did this when I had toddlers. 

Up Next:  Part II, Packing for your Hotel/Resort

pa·tience – having or showing the capacity for endurance without complaint.

Look closely.  Right below the red flower in the center of the photo, there is a black and white striped zebra longwing butterfly that my mochis are patiently hoping will land on one of their outstretched hands.  The butterfly never paid attention to them, but they crouched quiet as statues for 5 full minutes.  This might not sound impressive, but this was taken in an enclosed butterfly garden display at Epcot Center, clear across the country from where we live during an eagerly-anticipated Spring Break visit to Disney World.  Other than being asleep, these 2 have not been quiet or still for any length of time for as long as I can remember.  As I stood there posed to rush them along to see the rest of the park, I took a deep breath and let them be.  I remember willing the butterfly to hop over to their tiny hands in hopes of capturing on film the excitement on their faces for those few seconds before he’d fly away.  Stronger still, I remember being very impressed at the patience shown by these two high-energy energy balls in this rare moment.

I have misplaced my patience.  I’m not a loud person, but my voice gets significantly louder each time I repeat myself in the morning if breakfast is done and the dishes have been placed in the sink.  Are you dressed and are your teeth brushed?  Do you have socks on yet?  Did you find 2 matching rubberbands in the “hair bucket” so I can put up your hair when I’m done with the dishes?  I run around packing up snacks and bathing suits and making sure there are utensils in the lunch sacks and the sunscreen and towels are in the bags.  Leave each other alone!  Stop taking out toys right now, there is no time to play!  My words get sharper  and quicker as the ideal time to leave approaches.  When we are finally in the car and on our way, I am sending silent prayers to the traffic gods to let me sail down the 405 in record time.  Once we’re out of the driveway, my patience reappears.  My heartrate slows and I’m happy and cheerfully encouraging the mochis to have a super fun day, be nice to your old friends and remember to take the time to smile at someone new.  After I kiss them good bye, I vow to keep my patience with me.  I will pack their bags and prep their lunches after their baths.  We find the rubberbands that match the clothes they’ve picked out for tomorrow, complete with a matching pair of socks.  I will join them at the breakfast table instead of inhaling my meal alone while I rush around commanding them to eat faster.  I will pull up this photo on the computer and listen to what they remember about this moment.

Thanks, zebra butterfly, for reminding me to stop and smell the flowers.

Is anything NOT going on today?!?

It’s picture day! Dresses, check!
Hair, check!
Leggings, after filtering through 3 pairs with holes, check!
Breakfast, check!
Breathing treatment (asthma), brush teeth, check!
Picture money, check!
Fundraiser packets due, check!
Book orders due, check!
Spelling test today, last minute quiz, check!
Change of clothes for after picturetaking x2, check!
Afterschool snacks x2, check!
Okay guys, put on your shoes, let’s go! What’re you waiting for!?!?

But Mommy, you’re still in your pajamas!!!

Tomorrow’s the biggest moon in 18 years, they say

Baby Mochi: Is the moon a circle?
Me: Almost.
Big Mochi: It’s almost a full moon?
Me: Yeah, probably a couple more days.
Baby Mochi: He’s still hungry?

I don’t want to go to school today

I don’t want to go to school today.
I don’t want to go to work, either, but I have to. And Big Mochi has to go to school and Daddy is at work so you have to go.
I want to stay home.
No one will be home to watch you.
I can stay home by myself.
Who will feed you?
(Runs out of the doorway – to pout, I think)

(Comes back with 2 containers: 1 filled with Milano cookies and 1 filled with Froot by the Yard fruit rollups, and a Capri Sun falls out of her arms)
What if you need help with something?
(Runs away and comes back with a stool)
I’m sorry, you still can’t stay home alone. You have to go to school today.


Baby Mochi: Mommy, can I have 10? (goldfish crackers)
Me: Okay, bring your bag and hold it open.
Baby Mochi: Ooooooooone, twooooooo, threeeeee, fooooour…
Me: This one’s broken. You can eat that one.
Baby Mochi: *munch munch* fiiiiiiiive, siiiiiiiiiiix… oh, this one’s broken (pops it in her mouth)

Big Mochi: Hey!! You can’t smash them just to eat it!

This is what happens when you get old…

Me: Oh, mom. I didn’t know Big Mochi would have a 3-week break in between summer fun and 1st grade. What am I gonna do with her?
Gramma: You should’ve told me! I would’ve come here instead of going to Vegas.
Me: I have an idea! Instead of going home from Vegas, we’ll fly you here! 😉
Gramma: I can’t, we’re flying that special package. Where everything is taken care of, and we take that airlines that is exclusive to Vacations Hawaii…
Me: What airlines?
Gramma: You know, the one that starts with an M… shoots, I can’t remember.
Me: Mmmmmmmmmm-
Gramma: Ugh, you see, this is what happens when you get old.
Me: Mmmmmmmmmm-
Gramma: Omni!!!

Some things are just better left unrepeated

The other day I was noticing how much weight I’ve gained as I took off my top. I grabbed the excess on my tummy and said, “Ugh, look at this roll of fat I never used to have.” I got a blank stare from Baby Mochi.

Then this morning I’m driving to work with a thermos of hot tea and I can’t really recall what I did, but all I know is that my cup was empty and hot tea was spilt all over my shirt. Since I have 2 little active kids and stuff like this happens all the time, I keep spare clothes in my car. So I ripped off my shirt and as I reached to grab my sweater to replace it, Baby Mochi yells, “Rolls of fat! Rolls of fat!”

Aww, thanks for remembering, Sweetie! *sigh*

mor·ti·fy (môr’t?-f?’) To experience shame, humiliation, or wounded pride; humiliate.

We had friends over last night for dinner.  The conversation was rolling, the food was delicious, the kids were behaving, things were going well.  Then about halfway through, Baby Mochi runs to the bathroom.  I take the opportunity to announce that she’s finally potty trained.  Then she comes streaking without pants or underwear and is holding a little brown ball up and says, “Mommy look! Only one!”

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just about died. 

I cleaned her up, and then took a second to contemplate not coming out of the bathroom for the rest of the evening but decided someone might have sent a search party after me and discovered my mortified body curled up in a ball rocking in the shower stall and that wouldn’t have been good. Let’s save this one for when she grows up and brings a boy home!

Tooth Fairy Surprise Part II

The next night, we had an outing so we got home pretty late and the mochis were tired.  I told Big Mochi I’d write the letter to the Tooth Fairy if she dictated it, but she’d have to sign it. 

“Dear Tooth Fairy,

I left you my 2nd tooth.  Please sign this letter if you have time.  If you don’t, it’s okay.  Thank you.   Love, ‘Big Mochi'”

I asked her why she was asking for a signature and she said she wanted to make sure she came.  I mentioned that if she left a gift, that would mean she showed up, wouldn’t it?  “No, it might be one of her elves.”


Tooth Fairy Surprise – Part I

One night when I asked Big Mochi to brush her teeth, I reminded her to be careful since she had a very loose tooth. In the morning, I went to wake her up to get dressed for school.  She stretched, got all excited and reached under her pillow for an envelope. “What’s that?” I asked. She felt around and her whole body slumped in disappointment. “The Tooth Fairy didn’t come!” I was stunned. Your tooth came out? “Yeah! And I wanted to surprise you and Daddy with what she left me!”

Aaaahh!! I scrambled and came up with, “But Sweetie, you have to leave her a letter or she won’t know if you’re ready to part with it.” “Oh, nobody told me that. Will you help me write one tonight?” *hugs* “Absolutely.”

Whew! Dodged that one!

Bad Guys be Flyin’

The other night we were driving on the freeway and Hawaiian Gardens Casino had one of those giant spotlight-things spinning beams of light up in the clouds.  Big Mochi looked out the window and said, “Mommy, are they looking for bad guys in the sky?”

Special Agent Mochi

Big Mochi: I think I might make a good spy when I grow up.
Me: You want to be a spy?
Big Mochi: I’d make a good one. I’m asian.
Me: What does being asian have to do with anything?
Big Mochi (sighing at me): Hello? Secret Asians are spies!


So literal…

I’m reading my kindle on the couch minding my own business. Baby Mochi runs over and slams her Barbie laptop over my kindle and says, “Hmmph!” Translation: My fingers are in my mouth so I can’t talk but I want you to open this so I can play with it. I kindly remove her fingers out of her mouth and say, “Hi! Would you like me to open this for you?” I get a vigorous head nod. So I say, “Well say so!”


Baby Mochi vs. Whoever/Whatever/Who Cares?

This was Christmas Day, I think. We were in Vegas visiting Tutu and Papa and decided to check out Aria, the new hotel on the strip. It was pretty cool, very artsy, but the mochis had a much better time at the park later in the afternoon. Walking down the staircase, Baby Mochi was pretty enthralled with the decor UNDER the steps.

The other day she was lying in the middle of the livingroom floor, flinging her legs up over her head and pounding them back down, over and over, just laughing her head off. All by herself. Big Mochi and I sat there watching her and I said, “You know, we can learn something from that over there. Your little sister does whatever she wants, whenever she wants and doesn’t care the least bit what anyone thinks about her.” We watch Baby Mochi going crazy a few seconds more and Big Mochi looks up at me and says very seriously, “Is that a good thing?”

Good point.


Oops, my bad.  I totally got that last story wrong.  That was G when he was 4 or 5 and he asked HIS grandma how old she was.  It wasn’t Big Mochi.  Or maybe he asked his mom?   Oh my goodness, just ignore me.  Cute story but I have no idea where it came from.  Just know that Big Mochi is smarter than that because she knows numbers never end.  😉

She’s old!

When Big Mochi was around 3 years old, she asked how old Grandma was.  When Grandma answered, it prompted the next question: Is that the last number?


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