Disney World Resort Recap Day 5 – Magic Kingdom and Typhoon Lagoon

On our last full day, we split up again.  Big Mochi went to Typhoon Lagoon with G.  They could cover more ground, ride scarier rides and most importantly, she knows how to swim.  They’d meet up with us at Magic Kingdom later in the afternoon when they were done with the water park.  It’s a smaller park than Blizzard Beach so we figured it wouldn’t take nearly as long.  Unfortunately, since I didn’t go with them and we still didn’t have a waterproof camera, I have no pictures and can’t tell you much about Typhoon Lagoon other than their wave pool rocked.

The easiest (only?) ways into the Magic Kingdom was by monorail or by ferryboat across the giant lagoon that protects it like an actual medieval castle.  The monorail from the parking lot goes through a couple of very cool hotels that I’d love to stay in next time purely for the convenience factor.  Like Disneyland in Anaheim, it centers around a grand castle and branches off to themed lands filled with rides.  Unlike Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty’s castle, the Magic Kingdom’s castle belongs to Cinderella.  It’s much more elaborate and is really remarkable to see at any time of day or night.

The layout was pretty similar to Disneyland and I could tell Baby Mochi was happy with the familiarity as she excitedly pointed out the differences.  Along with Minnie Mouse, she loves elephants, so we headed to the Dumbo ride first.  While standing in line, she and a newfound buddy noticed the ground was embedded with peanuts.  Disney definitely does well with the details, I tell ya. 

It’s a Small World World and the Teacups were next.  Both are shaded, which isn’t the case at Disneyland.  I was happy to see that since waiting in the hot sun can be pretty brutal.  We used fast passes for the Winnie the Pooh ride, hit the carousel, and then headed to Tomorrowland.  They still have the PeopleMover that Disneyland removed some time in the 90s.  That used to be my favorite because it had a Tron theme and gave you sneak peeks around the park and rides from a high track.  I guess you could say that this was Baby Mochi’s favorite ride, too, as she made me go on it 5 times!  And even though it was the 5th day of non-stop exhausting fun, I was surprised to hear not one complaint or whine the entire day when we were together.   There is definitely something to be said about one-on-one time. 

When we were on our 5th PeopleMover ride, G and Big Mochi arrived.  They went on Space Mountain and a few others while Baby Mochi and I went to save the world on the Toy Story 3 ride, another of our favorites.  All in all, I think this may not have been the best park, but it was definitely the most memorable simply because of Baby Mochi’s joy.   

Waiting in the shaded line for It’s A Small World:

The parade through Main Street:

The view of Cinderella’s castle from the PeopleMover – probably the 3rd time around. 

I think the only complaint I’d have about this place is getting out.  Once the night time shows are over, it’s a very long wait to get back on the monorail to your hotel or parking lot.  Other than that, we had an absolute blast.

2 Responses to Disney World Resort Recap Day 5 – Magic Kingdom and Typhoon Lagoon

  • uncle c says:

    Looks like a blast. You got some incredible pics! Glad all went well. How come no pics of food?

  • Roni says:

    By the time we stand in the long food lines and eat, we’re usually so hungry, we’re shoveling food in our mouths… not the most attractive photos. hahahahaha!

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