Baby Mochi’s 2nd Birthday Party

What I missed:

  • Pics of the food. I can’t believe I forgot to take a pic of the food!  It was fantabulous!
  • The pinata was a little anti-climatic since G took forever to line the kids up by height (engineers gotta be exact and a couple of pairs of kids were about the same height).  Then the hatch was opened by the 3rd or 4th kid so all the others lining up were like… huh?
  • We played musical pillows.  It was like musical chairs but they danced and when the music stopped, they had to sit on pillows.  The first round was awesome.  Birthday Mochi was eliminated but when she noticed everyone was sitting on a pillow, she grabbed one from outside the circle and sat on it!  Then she continued to dance during each round, but danced running in the opposite direction of everyone else around the circle.  It was just too cute!
  • We also played musical hot potato and dj Uncle C inadvertantly ended up eliminating all the little kids first. 
  • I was pretty proud of my favors and goodie bags. 

Birthday birthday birthday

2 years ago yesterday, I went to the hospital to get induced.  I must be mighty comfy because my babies never want to come out – they get forced out.  After 18 hours of waiting, she finally came out.  By this time, it was past midnight.  35 minutes into the next day, to be exact, which just so happened to be G’s 34th birthday.  So from that moment on, G sacrificed all future birthday celebrations.  It would always be all about Baby Mochi.  Sure enough, he’s always kind of like a sidenote come party time.  hahahaha. 

Regardless, happy day for the family.  Happy Birthday, Baby Mochi!

…oh, and G!

Happy Birthday, Jax!

Today was our buddy Jaxson’s 4th birthday party.  His very cool mom and dad closed down the Santa Monica aquarium for a couple of hours and held his party there – just for us – and we had the entire place to ourselves!  There were craft tables, lots of food, petting tanks, sharks, jellyfish, eels, fishtanks (obviously) everywhere, storytime, etc.!  It was the coolest party ever!  And to make us regular parents look bad, the party favors were PERSONALIZED PARTY T-SHIRTS FOR EACH CHILD!!!  On the back was a Transformers design that said Happy 4th Birthday, Jaxson, and on the front was every kids’ very own name!  HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?!  They even played games and had super cool prizes.  Big Mochi got the first prize because she rocks! 

We walked along the pier and played games and rode stuff on the way out.  Very very cool place to go!


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