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My Shameless Birthday Bouncy House Plug

Baby Mochi’s birthday landed in the middle of summer so we passed out birthday party invitations on the 2nd to the last day of school to her entire preppy-K class of 20.  It’s too hot to rent a jumper for my back yard and our yard is a little too small to get one of those really cool jumper/slide combos with the pool at the bottom, so I wanted to have it at one of those jumper places.  G and I had an argument about it because he much prefers to have it at our house where he can barbecue or cater food, but for once, he gave in.  He knew this would be a lot easier for me (with the exception of my Minnie Mouse cake pops).  We’ve been to many birthday parties at these jumper places (like Pump It Up in Irvine and Anaheim Hills, Scooter’s Jungle in Placentia and Redondo Beach), and they were so much fun and so well-planned!  You arrive, the kids jump non-stop, they feed you and you go home with pooped out kids in 2 hours.  We don’t live near one, but BounceU in Huntington Beach was recommended by a friend and they had availability so I booked her party there.  I have to say, it was pretty amazing.  Even G, who was not enthusiastic about having a party here, was very impressed.  For less than the price of a catered party at home would’ve been, you can have up the whole place to yourself for 25 kids and their parents, jumping and sliding down 2 giant rooms of fun, followed by lunch, cake, ice cream and more games if time permits.  They supply the cake and ice cream (or you can opt for an extra pizza instead), the pizza and drinks, a balloon bouquet, goodie bags, and most importantly, they do all the work!  You and your friends show up and they designate 2 experienced staff-members to take care of you the entire time.  They direct all the kids into the rooms after a safety video, they are in there playing with your kids and keeping everyone safe, they will arrange for a group picture if you wish, they serve everyone’s pizza, drinks, cake, ice cream, lead the birthday song, party games, clean up after everyone, and they will even pile all the gifts onto a cart so you can load it into your car on your way out.  They were so accommodating, I almost booked them again for Big Mochi’s party 7 months in advance.  I could not have been happier.  You are in and out in a little over 2 hours and all the kids had a blast.  Most of the parents were mingling, but a few (G and I included), ran up the obstacle courses and slides.   Baby Mochi came home with a very cool BounceU t-shirt, too.  We’ve had a great time at the other jumper places mentioned – all are pretty similar, but BounceU’s staff is what makes all the difference.  They are truly customer oriented from the owners, who set up the party over the phone, to the receptionist, who greeted everyone as they came in, and the 2 designated staff that we had at our party.  I know it wasn’t just these 2, because we were there 2 weekends ago trying it out at an open-play session and the 3 staff members they had that day were just as amazing.

Here’s a shot of the giant obstacle-slide from the first jumper room (thanks, Aunty Karen, for taking this pic):

Oh, and I just wanted to mention that my Minnie and Mickey cake pops did turn out, along with my cupcakes and display-pieces that I mentioned earlier (thanks, Aunty Karen and G for the pictures). 


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