mochi: (moh-chee) n. a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice pounded into paste and molded into shape

Why mochi?  They are soft, sweet and promise to fill you with happiness (and the best ones are pink).

So here are the players:

  1. Me:  I’m Roni.  Nice to meet you.  I run this joint.
  2. Big Mochi:  My brilliant, jumping, shining ball of joy.  She is talking from the second she wakes up until the second she goes down at night, in full volume.  If she has nothing to say, she sings.  She’s got a grin as brighter than the sun.  Just like her daddy, she is always quick to laugh a big hearty laugh, holds no grudges and hasn’t a jealous bone in her body. 
  3. Baby Mochi:  The most gorgeous little thing you can find – hugest doe eyes.   She came that way to make up for all the mischief she causes.  Her smile is contagious, her laughs are made up of chuckles and squeaks, and she has this distinctive soft low voice.  She is the complete opposite of her big sister.
  4. G:  My WoW addicted, engineer husband.  Great athlete and can beat anyone in any game (except I can smoke him in Tetris Attack)
  5. Aunty:  My daycare provider to whom I owe my sanity.  Hands down the most amazing person in the universe.
  6. AM:  Aunty’s daughter, Amee.  A more loving or patient person doesn’t exist.
  7. Princess S:  Big Mochi’s best friend
  8. Little g:  Baby Mochi’s best bud and Princess S’s baby bro
  9. Lisa:  My best friend in Boston
  10. C&K:  One of my big bros and his wife

Lots more will make guest appearances, but I think these are the ones that will come up most often.  Let that sink in.  We’ll start our adventure another day.


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