corned beef

It ain’t easy being green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Did everyone remember to wear green?  I did!  I did!  I’m so festive like that, me being so Irish and all… you know, born and raised in Hawaii to Japanese/Chinese/Okinawan parents.  Yeah, like that.

Aunty and AM actually ARE a wee bit Irish – a wee bit (catch that?  there’s the Irish in me busting through!), and they graciously extended an invitation* to us for a yummo corned beef and cabbage dinner, complete with festive cookies, cupcakes and a frozen banana cream pie!  Princess S and Little g were there and we all had a kickin’ good time.  Baby Mochi was passed out before we got on the freeway (2 minutes from Aunty’s house)!  Ahh, that’s the life: good food, good friends, and a good night’s sleep!

P.S.  I wanted to mention that Big Mochi made an announcement that the corned beef wasn’t yellow and it should be yellow since corn is yellow.  Quite the observation, don’t you think?  Which brings me to this holiday trivia: Corned beef is a cut of beef seasoned with large grains of salt which were known as corns.  I had to look that up on Wikipedia so I could tell her no corn was involved in the process.  Also, my Aunty up in San Jose told me today that it’s St. Paddy (not St. Patty).  Huh?  Patrick –> Patty?  It’s from St. Padriag in Irish, apparently.  Who knew?

*in exchange for a teriyaki burger night watching Jet Li flicks at our house


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