I feel the earth! Move! Under my feet!

Mochi reactions to the previous earthquake:

Baby Mochi was on her high chair at Aunty’s house eating lunch.  The kidlets were reportedly very matter-of-fact about it asking why the ground was shaking, with the exception of one freakout after hearing the house creak – apparently he bolted.  I can just picture Baby Mochi continuing to eat while frowning in annoyance at a baby carrot and some loose grapes that weren’t behaving as they rolled.  

Big Mochi’s class was taking a nap and a few of them popped their heads up, but went right back to sleep after it was over.  The bigger kids at the school had a drill and were instructed to go under tables. 

At home up top our entertainment center, the babushka dolls I had displayed all fell down.  Is that what they’re called?  You know those Russian carved nesting egg-dolls that fit inside each other?  Anyway, they all toppled over and fell behind the tv and stuff.  3 days later, they’re still there.  I’ll get them this weekend.

The other thing was that our medicine cabinet in the bigger bathroom has a 3-part mirrored door and even though nothing fell out, all 3 doors were open.  So even though it was pretty strong and seemed to last forever, thankfully nothing was damaged and no one was hurt.

My co-worker complained that she was at a stoplight and the woman far in front of her had jumped out of her car thinking she had been rear-ended and started screaming at her.  How dumb must SHE have felt when she realized that hey, she isn’t the only one who felt a bump. 

29) If you are sorry about something, SAY SO AND MEAN IT!

5.8 in Chino Hills

Let me give you a history of me and where I am when disasters hit.  Let’s start back when I was a freshman in college living in the dorms.  Community bathrooms on each floor, right?  I am the only one in there taking a shower – just got done shampooing my hair when we get a blackout.  Did I mention I was alone?  Naked?  Yeah. 

Fast forward 2 years when I’m now living on the 15th floor in a high-rise apartment in downtown LA.  I’m asleep in my pajamas when the big Northridge earthquake hits.  Remember that one? 

Or how about when my mother-in-law got married in Las Vegas and I was in the bathtub up in my hotel room at the Imperial Palace hotel.  I got soap all over my feet and there is an earthquake and the power blinks and the water lines stop flowing.  Just in case you were wondering… soap starts to burn if you don’t wash it off after a long while.

See the trend?  I can never be fully clothed on the ground.  Always gotta be half-dressed (or naked) up in a high-rise.  Today was no different.  I’m peeing in the restroom up on the 11th floor.  Mid-stream (tmi, sorry) yelling ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

27) You know what they say about always wearing clean underwear because you never know what might happen?  Never let yourself get in a situation where you don’t have clean underwear to wear.


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