My analysis

Here are the results for my quiz yesterday:

1) As far as I’m concerned, d is the only correct answer.  Bringing food or drinks of any kind into a restroom of any kind is absolutely gross.  Think aerosol!  However, I know people who use a-c as options because I’ve seen them spill or I’ve seen the drinks on the floor of the stall. 

2) d.  Although I can multitask with the best of them, there are several things I do that I like to do without interruption, and I am pretty sure these acts are the ones that involve not being fully dressed.  So if I can reach my phone at all, I’d shut it off, not just for me, but let’s face it… when a phone rings, everyone gets the urge to answer it.  It’s just common courtesy to NOT have it ring.  And umm, answering the phone while you and/or others are disposing waste of their bodies?  COME ON!!!  Who wants to hear that or a hearty flush?

3) c.  If you hang out with me, you will know not to speak to me while either one of us is in a stall.  See my explanation in 2) about not wanting to be disturbed.

4) d.  Unless you have kids or a relative in the hospital, I think the world can spare 2 hours without you.  Turn off your phone during a movie.  If you forget and it rings, turn it off then.  If you DO have kids or a relative in the hospital, b. is your next best option.  Whatever the case may be, STOP THE RINGING! and the goal is to be inconspicuous, as in SHHHH!

5)  a.  And if that doesn’t work, then d.  But this is just me.  I find that most people are polite enough to stop since they probably didn’t realize they were doing it in the first place.  If they don’t stop, don’t sit there getting pissed, or start an argument.  Just move.  Don’t be an ass about things.

6) d. In this case, I would imagine the person doesn’t realize how loud they are.  Some people are just oblivious like that, and again, don’t be an ass… just move.

The end!


Here’s the scenario:  You are female.  You are at the movies with your friends.  They only sell drinks at the movies that are 64 oz. so the call of nature goes out to everyone so no one can hold anything for you.

1) In the stall of the restroom, do you:

  • a) Hang up your purse and balance your drink on your purse and hope it doesn’t fall
  • b) Balance your drink on the toilet paper dispenser
  • c) Put it on the ground close to the stall door and pick it up when you leave
  • d) Ditch the drink

2) You are in the stall and your phone rings.  Do you:

  • a) Pick up the phone and answer it with a cheery, “Hello?”
  • b) Pick up the phone and whisper, “I’m busy, call you right back.”
  • c) Let it ring
  • d) Glance at who it is and reject the call

3) Your friend starts takes the stall 2 doors down from you and starts asking you what you thought of Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker.  Do you:

  • a) Respond with your opinions about how he will definitely be a posthumous shoo-in if nominated
  • b) Tell her you can’t hear her and will discuss it outside
  • c) Ignore her
  • d) Pick up your phone and make her phone ring so she stops talking to you

The next few questions involve inside the movie theater and you don’t have to be female:

4) During the movie, your phone rings because you failed to heed the Turn Off Your Cell Phone notices in the opening commercials.  Do you:

  • a) Answer your phone and carry on a brief conversation allowing time to find out what the caller wanted and then politely inform them that you’re watching a movie and will have to call them back
  • b) Answer the phone and run out to finish the conversation
  • c) Run out with your ringing phone and then answer it and finish your conversation
  • d) Reject the calland put your phone on silent or shut it off

5) During the movie, the person in back of you repeatedly kicks your chair.  Do you:

  • a) Turn around and politely ask him not to kick your chair
  • b) Sigh heavily and adjust yourself in an attempt to make him aware that you’re not happy with the kicking
  • c) Ignore it and endure
  • d) Move

6) During the movie, someone around you is either a heavy-breather, a commentator*, an open-mouthed chewer, or has a super-sized Doritos bag that crinkles each time he reaches in to grab a chip.  Do you:

  • a) Breathe heavy along with him, respond to his comments or be MORE witty with yours, start moo-ing, or ask him if you can have some Doritos; the bag makes it sound so yummy!
  • b) Sigh heavily and adjust yourself in an attempt to make him aware that you’re not happy with the situation
  • c) Ignore it and endure
  • d) Move

Granted, your answers will most likely differ from mine, but I’ll do my best analysis in tomorrow’s post.

*A commentator is one of those guys who makes comments or loud exclamations or predictions during movies, either unknowingly or consciously in an attempt to be funny


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