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Fun Things To Do in Las Vegas with Kids – Part III


1. Island Sushi

I cannot describe how good the food is at this place.  Sushi is fresh, the prices can’t be beat, the poke is all from Poke Express – the best you can find on the mainland, and I don’t know how they do it, but they managed to re-create better malasadas than from Hawaii.  I ate all the special rolls before I could take a picture (I have a bad habit doing that, don’t I?) that we ordered but I managed to take a picture of my friend Leanne and her giant plate of uni sushi.  You’re allowed one order (2 pieces) per person so she ordered slimy sea urchin for everyone on the table and almost single-handedly ate them all.  G tried one and said it tastes like the ocean.  It’s not for everybody, that’s for sure, but if you like it, this is the place to go!

Another thing that is one order per person is the ama-ebi (sweet raw shrimp) so we got a plate full of these, too.  Also, the poke and the hamachikama, which is just unbelievable. 

2. Casa Don Juan

 Best Mexican food on the planet.  It’s in downtown Las Vegas on Main Street, I think?  Not located in the best neighborhood but it’s a small thing to overlook for the best margaritas and chimichangas.  Bill Clinton ate here when he visited so you know, it’s THAT good.  With live music, too!

3. Market Street Cafe – California Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas after 11 pm

The line builds around 10:20 pm for the 11 pm rush when they start serving oxtail soup and banana fritters and other special items on their late-night menu.  I don’t know what else they offer because that’s all we go for.   All. The. Time.

Next time, I promise to take pictures of the malasadas and all the other yummy stuff I find.


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