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Magic Food Trucks

Over the weekend some guy came knocking at our door and shouted some magic words, “Hello. I have top quality meat and seafood in my truck right there [gesturing behind him]. I’d like to show you what I’ve got and see if you’d be interested in any.”  I glanced over at G and his eyes were all glowy and he said, “You had me at ‘Hello.'”  15 minutes later, we were reorganizing our freezer to accommodate 47 individually wrapped pieces of assorted prime steaks and steakburgers.  Well, 44, since we took 3 out to defrost for dinner right then and there.  We were shocked at the reasonable prices.  He said he had a 4th of July special so I wonder if that means it’ll be a lot more when he comes back.  The seafood prices looked pretty good, too.

Here’s a picture of G playing with the lighter fluid because he decided to go old school and not buy the Match Light briquettes.

It looks like a giant flame way too close to the house, but it’s further than it looks and really only lasted a split second.  I’m just awesome with a camera and got it at the flame’s pinnacle height (j/k).  I wish I had remembered to take pictures of the actual steaks and burgers, but I was too preoccupied sauteing mushrooms and wanting to eat. 

Anyway, G barbecued dinner and holy cow (haha, get it?), it was fabulous.  We tried 1/3 lb. steakburgers, a fillet and I think it was a t-bone steak.  Between bites and blissful sighs, we all sat there wondering how we’d gone 10+ years living in this same house without awareness of this wonderful man and his magical meat-filled truck.  Reading the brochure, they also have chicken and seafood!  Big Mochi wondered what other food-filled trucks might people be driving around that could show up at our door?  She said she’d like to see a Subway and a Robek’s truck.  Baby Mochi was reciting the McDonald’s menu complete with condiments, and a cupcake truck.  G?  Buffalo Wild Wings and imported beer. 

In my perfect world, our house would be on the truck routes belonging to Mrs. Field’s, Cinnabon, Yard House, and Mamma’s Sushi.  And Starbucks twice a day.  And someone who makes awesome burritos. 

…and a magic gasoline fairy that would leave my tank full every Monday morning.  Wow, I could go on and on.


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