missing socks

Where do they go? c.

In my house, if you need to adjust the volume, you actually have to walk up to the receiver to do so.  The remote control was thrown away about a year ago when Baby Mochi learned how to put things in bigger things.  When things are missing, they end up in places like her airplane seat, in the tupperware cupboard, in the utensil drawer.  Smaller items are found in shoes,  in her ball popper toy, etc.  This morning I lost my shoe.  After searching, I decided to wear another pair.  Then as I was putting on Baby Mochi’s shoes, I couldn’t find one of those.  Care to guess where they were?  a) the bathtub, b) under the couch, c) all of the above. 

Laundry… how is it that two tiny bodies can produce so much laundry?  It’s unbelievable how many loads my small household generates in a week.  And don’t even get me started on the socks.  Everyone knows socks go in to the dryer and never come out.  Baby-sized socks are even worse.  They don’t seem to make it in the washing machine sometimes.  I give up.  To me, socks might as well be disposable. 

6) It doesn’t matter too much if you don’t cook, just as long as you know how.  It’s a great skill and gives you options.  Also learn how to bake the basics: cupcakes, blueberry muffins, and standard oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.


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