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The Best Finds at the 99 cent Store

1 ) Popsicle mold:  Make 1 smoothie with a Magic Bullet blender, fill this guy up and Big Mochi is happy for a week.  I think this one has been used over 50 times and it still looks and acts brand new.

2 ) Car visor tissue holder and refills:  With Big Mochi’s allergies and all the colds Baby Mochi catches at school, this is a necessity in my car.  We can’t live without it.  The refill set comes in a 3-pack.



3 ) Long lighters or long matches:  G barbecues.  Dangerously.  Nuff said.

4 ) Red Vines:  Buying the giant tub is just excessive.  This size bag is just perfect.

5 ) 100 Grand bars:  The perfect mid-afternoon sweet tooth cure.  They actually ring up at $.60 and the bar is split in 2.  One for you, one to share.  Or you can stash the 2nd one for later and not tell anyone.  That’s what I’d do.  😉

















6 ) Gift bags:  Big ones, small ones, tiny ones, they’ve got it all.  They’ve got multi-packs of tiny ones for gift cards or double-packs of medium sized ones, or single large ones, plain or decorated for all occasions.  (I already used them so I don’t have a photo.)

7 ) Extra large band aids:  The perfect size for skinned knees and an almost identical box sells for almost triple the cost at Target.

8 ) Hair rubberbands/clips:  I don’t know where they disappear to, but this is the best place for replacements. 

9 ) Nail clippers, tweezers, nail files, shower caps: Like the hair rubberbands gone astray (see below), these go missing about once a year and need to be replaced.  No doubt they’re having a party somewhere with single socks and those little plastic tabs that hold bread bags closed.  I swear, once I open a bag and remove 2 slices, they mysteriously disappear within seconds.


10 ) Bizu bracelets:  I saved the best for last.  I love this thing.  It’s a craft, it’s a fashion accessory, it’s a toy, there is no stray pieces to deal with, and you get 2 in a box!  It’s so simple for kids to assemble the beads onto the elastic band following a very easy-to-follow instructional diagram, give it a couple of twists and it’s either a bracelet or a little animal toy to play with.  And even though there are beads, there isn’t a mess because they’re all used up!  Genius!


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