old people

This is what happens when you get old…

Me: Oh, mom. I didn’t know Big Mochi would have a 3-week break in between summer fun and 1st grade. What am I gonna do with her?
Gramma: You should’ve told me! I would’ve come here instead of going to Vegas.
Me: I have an idea! Instead of going home from Vegas, we’ll fly you here! 😉
Gramma: I can’t, we’re flying that special package. Where everything is taken care of, and we take that airlines that is exclusive to Vacations Hawaii…
Me: What airlines?
Gramma: You know, the one that starts with an M… shoots, I can’t remember.
Me: Mmmmmmmmmm-
Gramma: Ugh, you see, this is what happens when you get old.
Me: Mmmmmmmmmm-
Gramma: Omni!!!

How’s this for changing times?

Me:  Do you know how to play bocce ball?

Mom:  Where is the game?  Send the site.

Me: It’s not an online game!  You go outside and play with balls on the lawn!

Mom: Oh.  Then no.

My mom will be 63 in less than 2 weeks.  She emails me several times a week while babysitting my nephews (ages 12 and soon to be 1).  She chats with me on Yahoo IM a few days a week here and there and has finally upgraded her cell phone to something that doesn’t resemble a walkie talkie.  She keeps up with technology pretty well and can play Spider solitaire and those free computer games like Jewel Quest, etc.  Even old people don’t go outside and play anymore!  The same complaint about being stuck indoors in front of games on a screen isn’t generational after all…

21) Be nice to old people.  You will be in their shoes one day.  And without them, you wouldn’t be who you are.


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