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Blast From the Past

This is kind of funny.  I posted this on April 13, 2008:

My phone doesn’t have a camera.  I don’t have texting capabilities, nor do I have Internet access of any kind.  They don’t sell the earphones that go with it because it’s obsolete.  It doesn’t even flip open.  What it DOES have, is the cool option that records whatever you want, and you can use that as your own personal ringtone.  Big Mochi’s hearty laugh as a 5-month old infant is forever immortalized on this phone I refuse to give up.  However, there are times where I do wish I had a camera phone with me, just for kicks.  

Now almost 4 1/2 years later and my current phone does have texting capabilities and a camera, though I hardly ever use either.  It might have Internet access of some limited capability but it is far from a smartphone.  On the rare occasion that I do text, it takes forever because my phone doesn’t have a keyboard.    “Okay” is 666552999.  If you text me to tell me something, that’s great!  If you text me and expect an answer, I’ll call you back and give it to you.  After all, if we’re having an exchange, it’s so much faster and more convenient to speak.  It’s a PHONE, after all!

I like when it rings with the infamous signature Nokia ringtone in a trendy restaurant or at a friend’s house.  G cringes, hoping I don’t pull it out, slide it up and answer it.  If I get a text, he sighs as I text back using the primitive number keys.  Something has been wrong with my voicemailbox forever.  If I try to access it by using the phone (611), it tells me to enter my mailbox number.  If I don’t have a mailbox number, I can find it on my online statement.  When I check my online statement, it tells me to call 611 and I can get it there.  Do you see how this is frustrating?  Forget it.  Who needs voicemail?  If it’s important, they can call me back or text me or call G or email me.  So far it’s been almost a year without voicemail and things are moving along just fine.   

Obviously since my phone is so old, I am eligible for an upgrade… maybe 6 times over.  I can get a decent smartphone for free, probably.  I don’t want to pay another $30/month for a data plan, nor do I want to have to charge my phone every single day.  I think I can get an entire weekend before this phone starts honking at me that the batteries are dangerously low.  Besides, I carry a small camera and I have a GPS and I don’t need to check my email right this second.  The mochis carry around Nintendo DSs if I want to play a game, and I sit in front of a computer all day at work (and now all night blogging) so I don’t need access.  Besides, I’m anti-touchscreen as I am partial to keyboards.  I never thought I’d be one of those people who resisted technology but it’s already starting.  I own and love my Kindle 2, without back lighting, without internet access, without color and without a touchscreen.  The new ones are smaller lighter, cheaper, can play videos, music, movies, entire tv show seasons… yet, I prefer mine.  A new phone might come in handy, but i like the size of mine and if I drop it, I don’t fret.  It’ll probably last me another 5 years without problems.  And besides, I kinda like the way G gets all rattled when I bust it out in public.   😉


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