It’s all about the planning Part II

I am always late with the birthday gifts for the kids at daycare.  I get the advanced warning but I still can’t get it together.  They get it eventually, and it’s beautifully wrapped (it really is) and I like to think the gift is thoughtful and age-appropriate.  However, it’s late, and it’s embarrassing. 

So this year, I made a plan.  I got everyone’s birthday and matching Christmas presents in January!  So whenever a party comes up, fwoosh!  I whip open the box o’ gifts and just like that, we’re done!  I even got a couple of Christmas gifts for everyone else on the list!  I put a lot of thought into this, you see – they’re not all the same!  Just… similar.  Catalogs, the internet, free shipping and sale notifications via email are the way to go!!!

It’s all about the planning, baby!

I am a planner.  In my car at all times, I have about 2 packs of Puffs tissue, a change of clothes for both mochis and me, a full-sized precision sharp Fiskars scissors, a diaper changing station, jackets, a stroller, the “red thing” (which is the baby Floppy seat that protects mochis from shopping carts and high chairs), a Capri Sun, a pack of Mott’s unsweeted applesauce, a mini Doodle, parking money, spare pantyhose, an umbrella and bingo daubers.  Yes, bingo daubers.  You never know when the mood will strike.  I don’t have a GPS so I carry a Thomas Guide.

In my purse, which is about the size of a travel pack of Puffs tissue, I have my phone, wallet, keys, mini pharmacy (regular Tylenol, baby Tylenol, Tums, and a vitamin), a nail clipper and lip gloss.  I usually carry mini altoids, but I can’t seem to find them anymore.  I guess I have to look harder.

Whenever we go anywhere, I pack a full meal of food she’ll never reject.  A banana, Gerber toddler pasta, diced pears, peaches or applesauce.  I usually heat up a sippy cup of milk (yes, I still heat up her milk, just hush) and throw them all in a lunch tote.

I’ll do all that, get packed up, get everyone buckled in, hit the road, and I’m in the carpool lane before I realize I’m going in the opposite direction, my hair is unbrushed and I left the tickets or gift card or coupon at home.


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