…the Bad…

A couple of weeks ago the mochis came home from summer camp with a note saying there’s been a head lice breakout. Since they go swimming daily, their heads are washed every single day, I didn’t think much of it. Do you see where this is going? They were dropped off this morning and I’m 1 exit away from work, 21 miles from home through morning 405S traffic into Orange County and my cell phone rings. I answer it (on speakerphone because I’m a cellularly responsible driver that way) and I’m told Baby Mochi has head lice. I’m yelling, “WHAT?!? NO SHE DOESN’T!!! EW!!!” “Yeah, she does. She was scratching and the teachers found some eggs behind her ear.”  Ack ack ack!!! Disgusting!!!  I call in to work saying I’ll be late, turn around and run to Target first to get the RID kit (holy cow, it’s expensive, but I got 2), call G (because I need the support) and then get her and Big Mochi because I’m going to make sure she doesn’t have it, either. Baby Mochi looks happy and pleased to see me and is chatting away about how there are bugs in her hair while I’m trying not to get too close to her or act too disgusted by my lice-infested child and the pleasant teachers are telling me how to handle this and how it happens all the time and their kids had it and sometimes it comes back – SOMETIMES IT COMES BACK?!!? – and it’s really no big deal and I’m all of a sudden feeling very itchy myself and just ew!

Then in the middle of the night, Baby Mochi comes and climbs into our bed.  I know we’ve all been treated, but I was so tempted to turn her away.  G left to “give us space” and slept in the livingroom but I’m guessing he had another option in mind.  I would’ve taken her back to her room but she was awake enough to fight and wake up the whole neighborhood so I just left her.  We had date night last night so we weren’t around when she went to bed and she only came to our bed to make sure we got home, I’m sure.  She rarely comes to our bed at night.

Anyway, the RID kit comes with everything you need: medicated shampoo to kill the live bugs, medicated combing gel to get rid of the eggs, a spray to clean the things you can’t wash like car seats, furniture, hats, etc., and the metal comb.  Hopefully I won’t have to repost in a few weeks that we’ve had a relapse!

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