scratch test for allergy testing

Allergy Testing is Not Fun

Big Mochi has allergies. She got tested just before she turned 3 and by now, she should’ve grown into all of her allergies so she got tested again today. They put 30 numbers on her back and scratched over each number with a tiny sharpened plastic nub dipped into each testing substance. She lay there unmoving for 20 minutes until all the reactions took place while watching Monsters, Inc. It wasn’t easy for her, but she’s such a trooper. She didn’t scratch and didn’t move other than mentioning it was really itchy. I could tell she was incredibly itchy and uncomfortable and I kept telling her what a great job she was doing while she gritted her teeth.

I took pictures to show her what it looked like so she’d know why it was so itchy. I have a follow-up appointment with the doctor tomorrow to discuss the results and the precautionary measures for her. Fun times, I tell ya. Here’s what it ended up looking like. #30 is her peanut allergy, the worst of the testing sites today. She wasn’t tested for shrimp this time, but no doubt it would’ve blown up just as big. The odd thing is that she had a noticeable reaction to soy, but eats tofu, edamame and miso soup. Her reaction was labeled as borderline so I’m hoping she borders on the safe side. She also tested negative for dogs, which tested positive when she was younger and I know for a fact that she is definitely allergic currently. She tested negatively both times for cats, but G and I are both allergic to cats on different levels. I never had her next to a cat to figure it out so we’ll just have to find out one day for sure.

Check out the reaction on #30.  That would be the peanut allergy.

She doesn’t mind the allergies so much as the asthma for some reason.


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