SCV 30-day blog challenge

The Good…

Since I completed my 30-day blog challenge, I decided to celebrate by going to bed early for once and NOT BLOGGING!  But then I got a text late last night telling me that I had won the Nook from the pool of survivors last night at the SCV Internet Marketer’s meeting that I don’t attend.  Whoo hoo for me!   I’m so stoked!!!  My husband, G, who was indifferent to my struggles with this challenge actually showed some emotion and was happy for me.  So once again, Yay, me!  AND I also got the very cool pen up above that will be the new writing utensil of choice that stays in my purse from now on.  If my picture is unclear, it says, “I survived the SCV Blog Challenge and all I got was this pen.”  But don’t worry, this is just one small step to hopefully getting a little income eventually in the long run.

Now, since my awesome win yesterday, a few things happened that are worth mentioning:

The Good (another Good, I should say): Baby Mochi’s actual birthday was 2 nights ago on the last day of the challenge and though we had her Minnie Mouse party a couple weekends ago at BounceU, we let her choose dinner that night.  Guess where we ended up?  Chuck E Cheese!  Her first choice was Disneyland but it was a school/work night, plus Carsland just opened up at California Adventure in the middle of summer so there’s no way. 

We had pizza and chicken wings and drinks and the mochis ran around and made new friends and had a blast.  I still love that all the games are 25 cents.  I love that.  And I particularly love that machine that gives you penciled drawings of you.  And that basketball game where you can challenge someone?  I beat G 3 times!  haha!

Chuck  (Chuck E?) came out later and danced pretty unenthusiastically to If You’re Happy and You Know it, then threw out some free tickets for the kids to gather. 

Happy Birthday, Baby Mochi!!!

Tomorrow: The Bad…


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