We are gathered here today to lay this bacon to rest


Big Mochi used to walk around telling people that her mommy doesn’t cook, she microwaves.  And while that is primarily true, I actually can find my way around a kitchen.  I can’t do certain things like fry bacon* or bake a potato, but I can definitely do other things well. 

However, there are a ton of perfectly nutritious microwaveable meals at Costco that are absolutely delicious.  Steam a pot of rice and open a bag of salad and voila!  Dinner!  Tri tip in 7 1/2 minutes, juicy roasted chicken, even appetizers!  Even Trader Joe’s has wonderful pre-made meals using no preservatives that are amazing.  They have kal bi (Korean barbecued short ribs), orange chicken (oven baked, not microwaved), and the Mochis’ favorite, Chicken shu mai!  Yummy!!! 

As I was saying, I actually can cook.  I learned from the best –> my mom.  The only thing about learning from mom is that she gives me directions like, “Oh, just put some of this and a little bit of that,” or my favorite, “add some of this to taste.”  What is that?  To taste?!?!  If I knew, I wouldn’t need a recipe!!!  After a bunch of trials and errors, I got a bunch of no-fail easy recipes to pass down to the mochis.  I am in the process of creating a recipe book for them so that when I’m not around, they can just pick up the book and make a simple meals that hopefully remind them of home.  Smilebox has incredible recipe templates that are simple and beautiful!  Check them out! 

8) Take care of your teeth.  They make your smile.  You only get one permanent set, and like most things, no one will notice them until they’re gone.

*In my defense, I had the splatter guard sitting on the pan and let it fry just a little too long before checking on it.  I have been successful since then.


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