Operation Target: Resistance is futile

You know the story:  you run low on handsoap and make a mental note to stop in at Target.  Since you’re there, you might want to grab a new bottle of Tylenol since yours is near expiration.  Oh, the kid needs diaper rash cream, and you need to buy a birthday card for a co-worker.  4 things: handsoap, Tylenol, A&D and a card.  $14 if you don’t buy the Target brand stuff.  Right?  WRONG!  Somehow you manage to leave the store $95 later with a full cart.  There is the nifty sample bar next to the aspirins – the aisle of goodies in tiny sample sizes that grab you first.  Then there is hair products and face wash and perhaps a new tube of toothpaste since it comes with a free toothbrush this season.  Then the snacks and cake mixes grab you, as does the dishwashing soap and a new detergent that is concetrated so you use less AND it’s more friendly to the environment!  And the Easter stuff, oh my goodness everything is so cute – the daycare kids need treats!  And this little shirt would go great on the mochi sisters and it comes with matching shorts for $3.99!  Can’t beat that!  That bag is cute and will you look at the sandals this season?!  Lastly, up at the front, there is the dollar section that kicks a$$ and are all those DVDs really just $5.00?  Batteries are always good, and of course, here’s some gum for my very mature 4-year old

Yeah, I know.  It happens to me every single time.  You are not alone.  None of us are.


February 2018
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