too many stuffed animals


Like I promised yesterday, I wanted to share one of the best ideas out there.  I got this tip from Real Simple magazine.  They have the best information for practically everything.  I subscribe to their e-notifications, too, because you can customize it so you don’t get everything they talk about, just the stuff that interests you.  For instance, I get emails on 6 items to simplify your life (greatest finds), new uses for old things, thought of the day, 50 things under $50 (this comes out right before the holiday season), etc.  I don’t bother with the recipes because I don’t enjoy being in the kitchen so unless all the stars and planets align to enlighten my life for a particular event, I won’t ever make it.  I’m sure they’re all amazing, but I’d just rather not clutter up my emails with stuff I’ll never attempt.  I did bookmark their 50 Best Holiday Cookies but that’s because the stars and planets actually did align to follow me with cookies on the day I was born.  So anyway, back to their fabulous idea…

I don’t know any little girl who doesn’t have way too many stuffed animals.  Wait, was that confusing?  Let me rephrase: All little girls have too many “friends.”  We dumped them all out and it covered the entire bedroom floor (see Where’s Waldo, Mochi Style here).  Then they were each allowed to pick a number of favorites to keep, and we’d donate the rest.  The big ones are kept in a giant canvas bin in the corner of their room.  The rest are kept here:

Look closely, it’s a shoe organizer!  You can put in 12 pairs of shoes or 24 easily accessible friends!  I used to have pictures posted behind each one so they’d know where their “home” was, but favorites keep changing and it got too much to keep up with.  Isn’t that a great idea?!?!  I got it here using a 20% off coupon that they have all the time!  The row at the top is hard for them to get, so that’s where I purposely put the friends that are rare and/or collectible.  On the 2nd row, you might recognize an old friend.  Oh hey!  I just realized I never disclosed the story behind this guy.  Ooh, we’ll save that saga for another day… stay tuned!


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